Schiit Freya Impressions and Tube Rolling Thread

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  1. Synergist969

    I KNOW I read in this thread in the past that Schiit Audio was anticipating providing LISST "tubes" for Freya, but there was no estimated time/date for their release...Is there any additional/current information to that effect?
  2. cskippy
    I wonder what benefit if any the LISST tubes will provide over JFET operation. Possibly converting single ended to balanced?
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  3. brad1138
    I am in the same boat, isn't a "LISST" tube completely defeating the reason we have tubes in the first place?
  4. hornytoad
    Well if your tired of getting noisy tubes , this would be a solution . More gain too .
    I’m not sure how much more effort I’m going to do going down the tube rabbit hole .
  5. Synergist969
    That, as well as filling-up dust/debris hungry holes, and perhaps offer a bit more gain...depending on the design parameters...and again, perhaps just a slightly different "flavor"/sonic signature...and rather than extracting/re-inserting tubes periodically when one wishes to run J-FET rather than tubes and does not want to effect burn time on tubes with finite lifespans...
  6. hornytoad
    Well if your tired of getting noisy tubes , this would be a solution . More gain too .
    I’m not sure how much more effort I’m going to do going down the tube rabbit hole .
  7. AudioPoll
    When I say the Freya is a failure, I mean that in my opinion any audio product that fails to emotionally engage the listener is a failure, regardless of price. It fails as an audio product at a fundamental level.

    I left it to burn in over the weekend so I’ll see what happens with an additional 50 hours.

    I was hoping the JFET would honestly provide more force/drive — it seems like just an inferior tube mode? The passive mode is just bad.
  8. jseymour
    You bought it used, so I suspect that there may be something wrong with your Freya. I love my Freya with NOS tubes.
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  9. Ghosthouse
    I can accept your definition of "failure" based on your individual experience, especially if you are saying, "With the same music and all the rest of my associated gear unchanged, when I put Freya in the chain...that music no longer engaged me on an emotional level." Aren't people always talking about system "synergy"? Maybe it is just not synergistic with the rest of your gear.

    I installed Freya in place of 6H30, tube rectified preamp. The Freya immediately contributed a more refined and relaxed sound to the music from the system. And that was right out of the box. So for me, not a failure at all as it enhanced the music listening experience.
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  10. Ghosthouse
    Duplicate reply deleted.
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  11. cskippy

    @AudioPoll Freya isn't a failure as an audio product. It's a great preamp with exceptional functionality for the price. The biggest issues for most people is stock tubes sound inferior to NOS tubes and high gain of Freya can be an issue bringing out unwanted noise from tubes. It's all a matter of system synergy and personal taste. Some people like Beyer treble, others prefer Sennheiser smoothness.

    Freya might not be for you, and that is okay. But that doesn't mean that it's a failure for the rest of us.
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  12. hornytoad
    is it possible that the Freya is more susceptible to tube noise than other amps ? I have tried 3 quad sets of tubes and all of them have exhibited tube buzzing off and on that can be heard from the listening position of 7 feet away . And no it isn’t dimmer lights .
    I also have a Rogue Cronus Magnum II where I have two quad sets of Tung Sol Kt120’s and I have never heard a noisy tube even from a couple of feet away .
    Could be a coincidence. But three different sets on the Freya ?
  13. jseymour
    Hornytoad, I will assume that in JFET mode the noise goes away.
    Tube noise has not been my experience. My standard tube set is 6F8G (gain) and 6C8G (buffer), but I have experimented with over 2 dozen types/manufacturers of tubes including 6SN7 and 7N7. So far I have only had one 6C8G with tube noise that could be heard inches from the speakers.
  14. hornytoad
    Yeah no noise in Jfet mode . I can hear the buzzing 6-7 feet away on quiet piano music or similar . Of course I can’t hear the noise when I’m playing hard rock. .
    The noise comes and goes . Sometimes it’s bad , sometimes I can go through a listening session with little buzzing noise .
  15. Ghosthouse
    From what I've read it seems like the (13?) db gain from the Freya tube stage is a big number and could make any noise from tubes more obvious. Couple this level of gain with high efficiency speakers and I'm guessing noise could be an issue...maybe more than with other preamps/integrated tube amps. Admittedly, somewhat speculative on my part.

    I am NOT having noise issues buzzing or otherwise with mine in tube mode. I DO have an odd sort of warbling that I hear when Freya is muted or in pure Passive mode (not in JFET). In Passive mode, it is evident when nothing is playing but NOT when there is music.
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