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Schiit Freya Impressions and Tube Rolling Thread

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  1. Dinche
    Ebay. Look for Suzier 7n7 to 6n7 adapters.

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  2. shultzee

    Someone here previously had mentioned the tube savers from Eurotubes. Thanks for that. I can attest they are of high quality and fit the Freya :beerchug:
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  3. hornytoad
    It appears the Lisst tubes for the Freya May be out by the end of the year .

    I’m interested .
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  4. Synergist969
    Freya LISST tubes...?...THAT would be great!...Out of genuine curiosity, what information source suggests that the LISST tubes may be available...?...

    I am very interested as well...
  5. hornytoad
    From the company itself .
  6. Synergist969

    GREAT!... :) ... and Thank You!
  7. MrAudioGuru
  8. hornytoad
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  9. jseymour
    On the "Specs" tab:
    Applicable to: Schiit Lyr, Lyr 2, Mjolnir 2

    These 6922 substitutes have been available for quite awhile. But they are not for the Freya.
  10. Mike Thompson
    Personally I love the sound from tubes and just don't see the point in adding a solid state tube when it already has a solid state path. That said if they do come out I'll be interested in peoples thoughts after listening to them.
  11. sam6550a
    The Freya JFET buffer mode is the equivalent of a 6SN7 LISST unit except for the unity gain. A Freya/Saga LISST is probably not in the cards.
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  12. hornytoad
    Well I love tubes too but they can be a money pit depending on your luck . It would be nice to have an option that will not eventually turn microphonic . The stock tubes I received and Tungsol new production all had noise problems , particularly the stock tubes .
    The Shungang Treasure tubes , certainly the best of the lot have been better so we will see how they go .
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  13. Mike Thompson
    That's my thinking too. Just don't see the point in it on a Freya.
  14. hornytoad
    The Freya LISST tubes will be available as soon as the end of the year .
  15. sam6550a
    Where did you find this info? I do not recall Jason ever committing to a 6SN7 LISST.
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