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Schiit Eitr impression and USB-SPDIF converters discussion

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by ScareDe2, Jul 23, 2017.
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  1. makne
    My Eitr has been working flawlessly since I bought it (not long after release).
    I often unplug and connect to different sources (macbook, pc, iphone) and turn on/off devices with the Eitr connected, never had an issue. Connects instantly.
    The Eitr’s power is connected to a Monster power surge protector
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  2. twiceboss
    thinking of selling mine if anyone interested
  3. ScubaMan2017
    Was it not a good fit for your listening rig? Strictly curious...
  4. Voxata
    Once you've got a good USB implementation this piece doesn't matter (IMO). I use an Eitr with my SU-8 on my HTPC because the USB doesn't 'wake up well' when the HTPC goes into sleep mode and the SU-8 needs to be power cycled to operate again. With the Eitr this problem goes away. Older Schiit DAC USB solutions are also less than ideal and benefit from the Eitr sonically, as well as other devices/setups. Especially if your USB is really noisy.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
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  5. twiceboss
    Maybe mine was already fine. So, i've used a year already but I dont mind of not having it. More like I want to minimize my setup since I'll be leaving States at the end of this year, so having a small rig is easier for me to ship. Anyone here interested?
  6. showme99
    Do you have any pictures?
  7. wiz2596
    how can I measure how noisy a USB port is? Reading almost all the post here I feel now a bit curious about this device and what it can do to clear up the signal to get better sound quality

    Currently I own a mody multibit connected by usb to my desktop rig (Asus Rog Strix mobo) althought I feel happy with it, how do I know how much it will improve my sound quality to justify to buy it?
  8. thebkt
    Hooked up to my mimby I was pleasantly surprised with the result. It definitely made a noticeable improvement. However I couldn't hear a difference with my R2R1, which does have a isn't isolator anyway.
  9. Wes S
    I am another happy camper! I just bought and hooked up an Eitr, to my Mimby/Lyr 3 rig, and all I can say is wow. This is one of the most noticeable improvements, I have made to my system. I can't believe it took me this long, to buy one. Thanks again Schiit!
  10. Pharmaboy
    So you have the coax output from the Eitr going to the R2R 1, and that sounds no better than USB (unfiltered) going straight from computer or network device into R2R 1? That surprises me. I have 2 Audio GD DACs of the older 1704 chip type (DAC-19 & NOS 19), and both sound better via coax from my S/PDIF device (Musical Fidelity 192/24 + high-grade silver coax cable) than straight from USB.

    Related question: how do you like the R2R 1?
  11. Pharmaboy
    Meant to ask what these improvements are. I know it's a PITA to describe sonic differences, but I'm curious.

    I'm a long-time fan of coax, currently use a Musical Fidelity V-Link 192/24 + a really good-sounding coax cable. Not sure if it's just the cable; cable + V-Link; or cable + V-Link + no USB nasties being decoded by DAC's input section, but the sound strikes me as subtly sweeter, more relaxed & flowing than w/USB straight in.

    My interest in the Eitr is pure curiosity whether it (used as a drop-in replacement for the V-Link) would take sound up a notch. That's why I ask...
  12. Wes S
    You pretty much described it. Subtly sweeter, more relaxed, yet able to hear more detail. I get better depth and width, as well. It was like a good tube roll.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  13. ahmedie
    oh, that what i hear with eitr, ye, i hear it too ^--^
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  14. zztopps
    I had a great experience with the Eitr when I was running it into a Mimby. It wan’t so much a sonic difference as it was the fact that it just worked. When the conditions are right, USB sounds better to me. But how often are those conditions right? When using the Eitr, I didn’t worry about that. I just enjoyed the music.
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  15. hikaru12
    This has probably been asked a million times but does the quality of the USB cable matter with Gen 5? The reason why I ask is because I'm using Optical with my Gumby since the Gen 5 USB sounded hazy and muddy but I was also using a cheap Belkin USB cable. Does Gen 5 USB scale as an input with the quality of the cable? Thanks!
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