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Schiit Eitr impression and USB-SPDIF converters discussion

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by ScareDe2, Jul 23, 2017.
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  1. ScareDe2
    Might as well include the GEN 5 discussion in this thread to fully compare those new products from Schiit.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
  2. makne
    Very interested in this also. Will probably buy one when they become available in Norway.
  3. Jones Bob
    Got an Eitr last Saturday. Currently using it to feed a Yggy via coax. It works well.

    Mike hit it out of the park with this design.
  4. ScareDe2
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
  5. Jones Bob
    I chose to buy the Eitr to see how well it works. If I did not like it, I could return it in 15 days. That is not an option with the Gen 5 board. If I did like it (which I very much do), it will go to my work system, and will order a Gen 5 to install in my Yggy when available.

    The Eitr made the best SQ of the Yggy, out of several options I've tried. It's a keeper.

    BTW, the Wyrd earlier made no difference in SQ in my system.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
    makne likes this.
  6. makne
    This is very encouraging! I was going to get a Wyrd to use with Chord Hugo, but now I'll get the Eitr instead.
  7. adydula
    I sent my Bifrost Multibit back to Schitt in an exchange program for a updated Gen 5 and it ships today!! Yeah!
    I will post my impressions later when it arrives.
    ScubaMan2017 likes this.
  8. cishida
    Just received the Eitr yesterday. Using it with a Mac mini -> Gumby -> MJ2 -> HE-560. I also have the Singxer F-1 and Wyred4sound uLink.
    I have not done any back and forth so far so my impressions are based on my memory of the F-1 and uLink the same system.
    Early impressions after a few hours of listening - this is the best USB->SPDIF I've tried. Very natural, organic, and detailed. Definitely should be on your short list to try.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
  9. JerryLeeds
    I got my EITR this past Saturday. I replaced the wyrd in my Mumby-Magni 2 uber setup.

    This new device certainly does make a great sound difference.

    Now the question about upgrading things in my other two setups??

    I just finished getting things all up to date in these other setups for USB SQ improvement.

    I think I will hold out for some more impressions before sending my Gumby & Yggy in for an upgrade. Also these setups both sound great now ... but I really like the idea on having less/no extra 'boxes' in the sound chain between the source & DAC
    makne likes this.
  10. pasa
    Hello, I am a new member and I was hoping to get some assistance. I recently purchased the Schiit Eitr and am unable to play any files over 16/48000. My music is stored on the main computer (Windows 8)>cat 6>router>cat 6>Ethernet switch>cat 6>microRendu>usb>Schiit Eitr>coax>Schiit Modi Multibit. I am using JRiver MC20 and JRemote on a tablet for control. If I use my other setup, main computer (Windows 8)>cat 6>router>cat 6>Ethernet switch>cat 6>CAPS>usb>Schiit Eitr>coax>Schiit Modi Multibit it will play all files up to and including 24/192000.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. adydula
    Make sure in JRiver in settings your set to 48,000 and in Windows in Sound, Speakers properties, advanced you have this set to 48000 as well....
  12. Mshenay Contributor
    I've been only running USB on my NFB10ES2 for years now, and I've upgraded my USB a few times, a Power Conditioner was the first step, helped a little, second was a dedicated PCi USB card that actually also helped! Finally adding in the Etir, I've found it's taken me yet a step forward. Not that it matters, but my Etir is feed by the upgrades I made to USB, then the Coax runs into my NFB10ES2, better micro detail, a blacker background and sharper more accurate imaging are the gains it introduced!
  13. PolarBehr
    Does any one have experience with using Etir with iPhone and/or iPad as the source?
  14. Jones Bob
    Could not get a signal from my iPhone 6 Plus and CCK to work thru the Eitr. The Yggy would digitally lock, but no sound. The CCK was originally bought off of Amazon, so probably a fake with no full Apple functionality. Will try a iOS Reset first to see if that works (thanks Torq!), if not, will buy a real CCK from an Apple Store and try that.
    kazsud and Mshenay like this.
  15. PolarBehr
    Sorry for the neub question but what is CCK? The camera lightning to USB cable?
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
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