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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. hodgjy
    My Bifrost gets warm, but it's not hot.
  2. Billheiser
    Schiit specs say it draws 12 watts.  That's not nothing, but it's not that much either.  Equivalent to, say, one energy efficient CFL bulb.
    My Bifrost stays on all the time, except for trips away from home.  It stays slightly warm.  Never hot.
  3. kothganesh
    Ye, my Bifrost gets pretty warm. I do turn every piece of equipment off after I'm done (but that can be a while).
  4. genclaymore

    Mine get hot when I left it on but then I have the uber model so maybe that makes a difference.
    edit: fix typo
  5. madwolfa
    With turned off Asgard 2 on its top, my Bifrost Uber just gets slightly warm.
  6. Byrnie
    Same but my Asgard 2 hah now that's another story :D
  7. Billheiser
    Yup, and my Valhalla 2 can fry an egg. Even the volume knob gets hot to the touch
  8. rskoenig
    These directions were spot on. This took me less than 15 minutes, and all is perfect. Thanks.
  9. HPiper

    Yes, that is totally true. The whole amp gets quite hot, much hotter than the original Valhalla.
  10. Syan25
    Bifrost is supposed to be an ice world....What gives?
  11. madwolfa
    In fact, "In Norse mythologyBifröst or sometimes Bilröst or Bivrost, is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods".
    And Ragnarok is even more tongue-in-cheek name, ha.
  12. Syan25
    Yeah - my mistake - thanks! Still I except a rainbow of sounds then...
  13. TeskR
    Thinking of buying my burning rainbow bridge soon, don't know whether I'm willing to fork it up front for the USB add on or not yet, kinda worried that the mute relay will annoy my roomates if I am using optical from my PC [​IMG]
    Any thoughts?
  14. Billheiser
    Don't understand. There's a small normal click when you press the input selection button. Is that what u mean?
  15. Syan25
    I would add USB. You never know when u might want to try a different source and it just gives you more options. If you are spending this much, go the whole nine yards. I will add the USB when I buy the Gungnir
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