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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. StanD
    Did you install Schiit's driver, from their website?
  2. Syan25
    After rethinking the whole thing - I'm going with the Gungnir...
  3. StanD
    And the reason is? Are you looking to get into a balanced amp, etc?
  4. Byrnie
    FYI the Gungnir also has RCA outs on it.
  5. StanD
    Yes, but a Bifrost has that as well. The question is why the Gungnir? Which is why I brought up the balanced I/O.
  6. Syan25
    I do want balanced output but I also want two RCA outputs for convenience sake...
  7. kothganesh
    +1. I find the Gungnir (for a few dollars more) is more versatile. I can switch between the Mojo and the KGSShv (balanced outs) or the Crack, Emotiva, ZD (RCA outs) fairly quickly.
  8. Rapid7

    Yes I have installed the drivers, I contacted support and they said that it wont appear till I have ASIO installed ?
  9. StanD
    This one is popular. I use it with my DAW software.
  10. Rapid7

    Thanks, but surely it would show up in windows audio properties? 24/176.4 and not 16/176.4 I wouldn't have thought that installing ASIO would make this show up in audio properties.
  11. Syan25
    On a different note, has anyone tried an ipod using the onkyo nd-s1 digital transport into any Schiit DAC? I wrote to them about this but their technician had no idea. They suggested the pure i20, which is possible to buy here in Taiwan.
  12. StanD
    It looks like it has both optical and coax SPDIF out, so in theory it should work with either the Optical SPIDF Modi, Bifrost or Gungnir.
  13. kothganesh
    Hi Stan:
    What has your experience been with the SPDIF ? I used to have a bridge that I don't use since its apparently limited to 24/96 (I know, I'm trying not rake up the why you need more than 44.1 issue).
  14. StanD
    I have a USB to SPDIF converter optical/coax as well as a FiiO E18 which can do the same only coax but limited to 24/96. Both worked fine connecting to my Bifrost, however, I didn't try it with anything above 24/96. My converter can go all the way to 192 but as I said, never tried it above 24/96. I bought the converter just to see how it would work.
  15. kothganesh
    I have the BNC Halide bridge. It sounded fine on the Bifrost and Gungnir but when I went USB to USB it was my sense that the overall sound became fuller and a tad more refined. I think the USBs on the Schiit DACs are implemented very well. Thanks.
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