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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. TeskR
    I have been told by Schiit that the unit can make a small click everytime it "locks on" to a signal. Have never used one myself though so I am not sure.
  2. junkimchi
    My Bifrost clicks when a signal stops and clicks again when a signal is detected (via optical)
  3. Billheiser
    Yeah, it's just a single tiny click, then you hear music for the next million hours. Switch inputs and it makes a little click just like switching inputs on a preamp.
  4. hodgjy
    It's a mechanical mute. Perfectly normal and much safer than a firmware mute.
  5. TeskR
    Yeah my only real worries are when using VoIP programs if it will click constantly even with music in the background.
  6. madwolfa
    When the S/PDIF stream is unstable (constantly interrupting), Bifrost may be clicking (readjusting the clocks, etc) and some people find it distracting.
  7. swspiers
    I personally love the clicking.  It reminds of a Parasound pre-amp I owned about 10 years ago, except it's a lot faster, and doesn't clip the first second off of a track.
  8. Billheiser
    Ok, thanks. Guess I've never experienced an unstable stream like that. Other than prostate related.
  9. madwolfa
    Yeah, lol. Anyway, I consider it a source issue, not Bifrost's.
  10. ThePhoenix924S
    I've been thinking of upgrading my Bifrost's board to Uber specifications, but I wonder when the next upgrade will be released. It took two (or was it three?) years to release this upgrade, and it's already been one year since the Uber became available. Do you think I should continue to wait or suck up the fairly reasonable sum of $70 + shipping and order it?
  11. Billheiser
    Live for today!
  12. swspiers

    Definitely order it.  There is not way to predict when, or if, an upgrade will happen.
  13. genclaymore

    Go for it, if not you be waiting forever for something that might not even happen.
  14. Rapid7
    Just wondering if anybody could help, I have had the uber upgrade fitted for a while now and I have just fitted the USB Gen 2 upgrade today. When I go into playback devices / Shiit USB Audio Device / Advanced its does not show 24/176.4 but shows 16/176.4 ?. I am using Windows 8.1 if this helps at all.
    Thanks in advance, Paul.
  15. Byrnie
    I would call up Schiit and ask them that. They have a great Technical Team.
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