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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. madwolfa

    Schiit told me they leave their DACs on and amps off. That's what I do before going to bed.
  2. JerseyD
  3. kothganesh
    I turn it off but only because of voltage fluctuations. I have this habit of turning it on and using the DAC like 20 minutes later
  4. ben_r_
    I turn it off because I turn everything off when not in use. See no reason to leave things on when not in use.
  5. hodgjy
    I turn everything off and then unplug everything.  No point in wasting electricity, shortening component lifespan, and risking lightening strikes when I'm not home.
  6. Tuco1965
    I turn my gear off when not using it. I also warm up my gear before using it.
  7. Billheiser
    Agree with regard to conserving electricity but a solid state DAC draws very little power. And for solid state keeping power on will tend to lengthen component lifespan (stable temperature).
  8. StanD
    I turn all of my stuff off when not in use.
  9. swspiers
    All my stuff is off when not in use.  I don't have a chance to listen to my gear daily, and don't want to leave it on all the time.
  10. DanceTurbo
    Guys! First time Head-Fi Poster! Long time creeper!

    I'm just getting myself into high end audio, and I'm considering making a purchase of a Bifrost Uber USB2/Asgard 2 to pair with my Grado RS1i that I bought a few months ago. Currently I'm running sound from my motherboard, and was waiting for the cash to make a proper upgrade. I think I have a fairly distinctive ear, and would love to be able to afford a beefier combo than this, but I think this should work to start.

    I listen to mainly rock/metal/electronic music. Is this combo the right direction to go to pair with RS1i or is there a different setup that would light up my ears in a more profound way? What else for around $800 with cables should I be steered to instead?

    I am tempted to go ahead and buy this today in time for a big birthday bash I'm holding at my place on Saturday. Lots of friends are already curious to hear the RS1i, and I'd love to have this combo to go with it when they come. I can distinctly tell that the motherboard is significantly holding these headphones back as they are!

    So, any advice about some other combo I don't know about, or is this the way to go? Much appreciated!
  11. Byrnie
    I do the same.
  12. StanD
    I have the same combo and am very pleased with them. I regularly listen to HD600's and HE-500's with the combo. As far as the Amp driving them goes these are to very different types of cans. [​IMG]
  13. DanceTurbo

    Thanks Stan. Good to know. I like the idea of a solid state amp for the accuracy many people describe, as I typically like my music punchy. Asgard 2 apparently sounds good on low gain settings for an easy to drive headphone like the RS1i.

    Gah, I might just go ahead and do it. I'm off to do some errands, and I'm going to place the order for this combo when I get back unless "anybody sees any reason that we shouldn't be wed in holy matrimony." Am I missing out on another combo I should be considering at this price point? This is just what I've found as it seems to be where the hype is.

    Thanks guys.
  14. madwolfa
    I have the same and I love it. Money well spent.
  15. DanceTurbo

    Boom I did it! Now it should hopefully arrive before my party on Saturday [​IMG]

    madwolfa do you have the RS1i as well? If so and you love it, I am feeling pretty good.
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