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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. JerseyD
    So you did hear a difference, and then someone convinced you that you really did not?  Fascinating...
  2. hodgjy
    I've tried using super cheap optical cables and super expensive coax cables.  I tried and tried to hear differences using the same other gear, but I couldn't.  
  3. fenderf4i
    I got a tube amp that sounded so warm and amazing and all that. Then it was hooked up to a switch and a solid state amp, and there was no difference to be heard when directly/immediately switching between them without removing the headphones. They were both coming right out of the same DAC, using various hi-res music, all that stuff.
    It was my expectation bias that had me convinced that the tube amp sounded warmer and  better.
  4. madwolfa
    Do I have to believe the Earth is flat if I haven't seen it from space with my own eyes?
    Just check this out:
  5. madwolfa
    You haven't tried hard enough! [​IMG]
  6. hodgjy
    I probably need to buy a pure silver cable hand woven by elves and cryo treated in unicorn tears.
  7. JerseyD
    Not the same.  If we could all go to space, we would all see that the earth is round.  Seems like some people can hear differences in cables and some cannot.  You will never convince me that I am not hearing what I am hearing, since I "went into space" and listened for myself.  This sure is a divisive subject.  Fenderf41 couldn't hear a difference between a tube amp and a solid state amp.  Doesn't mean someone else might or might not hear a difference.
  8. madwolfa
    I don't have to prove there is no difference, but if you claim otherwise, then the burden of the proof is on you.
    The fact is - many people, including supposedly "golden ears", have tried doing that in well-controlled experiments and failed miserably. This is the only fact so far (as far as cables concerned), anything else is pure speculation.
  9. fenderf4i
    That wasn't my point. My point was that I experienced expectation bias and know it for a fact.
  10. swspiers
    Can there be ONE thread without this endless debate? Just one?
  11. madwolfa
    Yes, here:
    swspiers likes this.
  12. JerseyD
    OK.  Back to our regularly scheduled program. (Sorry, all.)  
  13. ToTo Man
    My non-uber Bifrost required a LONG (~200hrs) burn-in period before it sounded like the non-uber Bifrost demo unit I had on trial (in real-time A/B switching tests).  Conversely, the uber Bifrost I just bought last week sounded identical to the uber Bifrost demo unit I had on trial straight out of the box (again in real-time A/B switching tests).  Go figure!...
  14. ben_r_

    Nope. Because if there was there wouldn't BE a high end headphone industry. The entire industry is based on people perception and the million and one ways it is influenced. No matter how you logically or scientifically prove to someone something does or doesn't exist, if they want to believe they do and will. They hear what they want to hear or hear what they think they should hear, etc. Its like religion. If all of a sudden people we had threads and topics like this with debates that ended many companies would shut down as there would be no reason for so many to compete and provide no difference in sound with the audio products they produce. The whole industry would fall apart. So keep on debatin' guys, and keep making other people money while going broke yourself :)
    madwolfa and fenderf4i like this.
  15. swspiers
    I know.  Just a moment of insanity on my part hoping to share information and ideas without it devolving into a cable debate.  Call me crazy, but I thought a Schiit thread was at least somewhat safe  [​IMG]
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