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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. StanD
    Part of the implementation is the better USB and the Coax and Optical SPDIF. The rest I will leave to my imagination. [​IMG] Compared to other quality DAC's, they're practically giving it away.
  2. bleudeciel16
    Yeah the price is incredible.  Especially when reviewers are comparing them to 4 digit priced DACs.
    And if your imagination wants to hear an increase in sound quality, LET IT!  [​IMG]
  3. fenderf4i
    The trick with the LED's is to put the circuit board in first, the LED's slide right in their slots, THEN slide in the dark grey inner housing and screw together. Piece of cake.
  4. madwolfa
    Amen to that!
  5. ben_r_
    Yea not commenting on the rest of the DAC, but those LEDs are the worst design I have ever seen! There are SOO many better ways to have done that setup and with their decision (which may have come after the fact) to allow owners to do their own upgrades they should have picked a better setup than having long leaded 2mm LEDs line up with holes in an outer, separate chassis! I found the button to be a pretty lame design too. I know it works, but it doesnt even match the aluminum of the rest of the chassis.
  6. Rudiger

    I have a squeezebox duet linked to the Bifrost Uber. (squeezebox duet => Bifrost Uber => Nad C356 BEE => HE-500)
    It's a huge difference in sound quality, now way ! More than I am expected.
    I think it will be the same for the Squeezebox Classic : http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Hardware_comparison
    That said, I think a cheaper dac than the Bifrost Uber will improve also the sound in a satisfactory manner.
    (As I said, the dac of my CD player is just as good if no better in my opinion so I plan to sell my Bifrost Uber to buy a Nad Dac MDC 2, which fits into the Nad amp .)
  7. ruleof72
    Thanks for the feedback. Does the NAD MDC 2 work independently of a NAD amp?
  8. JR2014
    One of the black screws near the IEC (power) connector stripped out on me.  Probably my fault, but I felt kinda bad about that.  The other black screw back there is fine, so it holds together nice and tight.  Should have time to do some listening tonight.
    The "problem" is, I went from an Asgard 1 to an Asgard 2 at the same time as I did the Uber upgrade.  So if it sounds better, who knows which component I have to thank for that.  Which is not a bad problem to have.  :)      
  9. JR2014
    And thanks for the tips in here on how to properly line up those LEDs.  That helped a lot with the reassembly.
  10. ben_r_

    Same happened to me. Again a poor design choice on their behalf. You notice they used very coarse screws for that part to try and get better grip in the soft plastic of that IEC part which was not mean to be screwed into like that.
  11. fenderf4i

    Same happened to me as well!
  12. Rudiger

  13. richbass
    How does it compare to ODAC and Essence One ?
  14. Shini44
    hey guys looking to get the Bifrost Uber, yet wanted to know more info, as far as i see here the Treble is extended and crispy, which i really like

    what does make me worried and even sell the DAC on sight is the mid range, is it dry? laid back a little? nothing is worse than Dry mid range for a female vocal :<

    thanks in advance for the info ^^
    currently on the WA7's DAC, Musical mid range , not warm , nice treble extension, yet its the time to get a "DAC Only" option, 
    i hated the concero and any warm amp. 
  15. hodgjy
    The Uber removes some grain. Treble is smooth. Midrange is nice. Bass is tight.
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