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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Shini44
    Thanks ^^ 
  2. Shini44
    btw few said that the old biforst is kind of aggressive with dry mids , any comment on that people? i guess the Uber and USB gen 2 made a lot of changes ha? 
  3. bleudeciel16
    the usb will probably make the only difference you'll actually hear
  4. gefski

    Uber analog board = improved dynamic swings & attack for me.
  5. Shini44
    my CIEM the UM Mentor got really asome mid range , the female vocal there is very nice!! thats why i am picky about the mid range, 

    dynamic wise i am a treble head too, i know that this point is covered with the Uber :3 

    so how do you find the mid range? like the others? i remember reading your qst impression about the mid range, you didn't like it before? i guess the sound change with some burning ofc hehehe
  6. hodgjy
    Midrange has a hint a liquidity to it.
  7. Shini44
    thanks again people :3 i will be joining this club soon ^^
  8. roguegeek
    According to this pretty comprehensive thread and discussion on DACs, it makes quite a bit of difference.
  9. gefski

    Brand new DARKO review of Bifrost Uber Gen 2 is out now.
  10. hodgjy
    Linky: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2014/03/schiit-audio-bifrost-uber-w-gen-2-usb-dac-review/
  11. Byrnie
    Purrin reviews and comparisons rock my eyeballs!
  12. hodgjy
  13. kstuart
    My personal experience is that - unless you have heard recent $1,000 and up DACs, you will not find a sound quality deficiency that you can attribute to the Bifrost Uber with 2nd Gen USB, because you will not have a reference point.    In other words, nothing wrong jumps out at you....
  14. Shini44
    Can anyone compare the Bifrost Uper + USB Gen 2 with Cocero HD? i am between both atm 
  15. kstuart
    Yes, you can find that comparison at:
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