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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Shini44
    i guess the Concero got better Treble (sparkling) but for the female vocal the Bifrost is better, hard to choose :< 
  2. Shini44
    k guys i am few hours from buying Either the Concero HD or the Bifrost Uper with USB Gen 2, which one got more sparkling/Fun Treble? sorry i didn't understand the review from the last article :p 

    thanks in advance ^^ 
  3. Tuco1965
    Pick one, buy it, be happy.  Uberfrost is great IMO.
  4. hodgjy
    One DAC won't be a treble cannon compared to another. Differences between DACs are very subtle at best. If you can tell the difference, then getting the right one is a big deal. However, and I mean this with no offense, but if reading reviews about DACs leaves you with confusion or the expectation one is greatly different than another, then you're setting yourself up for great disappointment and expectation bias. At this point in your audio journey, just pick one and love it while you develop your ears. I guarantee you'll be changing DACs several times in the future. That's the journey in this hobby that's the fun part.
  5. ben_r_

    Personally I thought the Bifrost was a better way to go for a few reasons:
    • Optical input (so I use the optical in for my CD player, coax from my Squeezebox Touch and USB from my computer)
    • Aesthetics, it looks better with other Schiit products if you have already or plan to go that route.
    • Its way more commonly purchased and therefore easier to sell and will retain its value better and longer should you decide to "upgrade" later
    • Since its so popular you can often get it use in perfect brand new condition for much less than retail. I have seen Bifrosts with the Uber Analog Upgrade and USB REV 2 upgrade only a few months old go for as low as $425.
    • Ive never liked the idea of a dedicated DAC that was powered entirely off of a USB port. With so many people around here claiming their headphones need and sound better with up to a 6W amplifier (Schiit Lyr) I find it funny they havent made more demands for DACs with proper power supplies. The Bifrost does offer that FWIW.
    • And in the end I doubt anyone could even tell the difference in a blind test. You can only believe so much from a review as you really have not way of knowing whos paying who and what deals were cut behind the scenes.
  6. Shini44
    hey guys the Concero is " Very Musical and Melow" so thats 100% pass for me!! i did notice that on the Concero cause i had one before!!! 

    i really hope that the Bifrost isnt Mellow in a way or too :<  i hate the mellow dacs cause the treble there isnt sparkling and fun -.-''
  7. Byrnie
    Schiit has a 15 days return policy, no questions asked.  I would suggest you just buy one of these and see how you like it as the differences between DACs are very subtle as hodjy pointed out
  8. Tuco1965
    Probably not that easy given the posters location.
  9. ben_r_

    On top of that they have a restocking fee: LINK
  10. Byrnie
    Tough break! :D
  11. StanD
    How's your daughter grooving on your Bifrost? Does she let you use it once in awhile?
  12. Byrnie
    haha she can't sit still long enough to keeping headphones on her.  It took me at least 15 minutes and 20+ pictures to get that one lol and it's squishing her face making her look all chubby haha.
  13. StanD
    You should ask her, maybe she prefers IEM's.
    Byrnie likes this.
  14. Shini44
    decided to order Matrix X-Sabre :p same presentation as both yet way better in the midrange, sound stage and specially the Dynamic & Fun Treble :3 
    thanks for the help people ^^
  15. Tuco1965
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