Schiit Audio Loki Mini Four-Band Equalizer - Head-Fi TV

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  1. RPGWiZaRD
    The thing is, many other manufacturers/shops doesn't take shipping costs into equation when doing europe vs US pricing conversions across shops. Most of electronics tend to be around the same price figure in eur as USD, sometimes the eur price figure can be slightly lower than USD even.
  2. EricDH
    Both official distributers in Europe. Check the Schitt website.
  3. twiceboss
    Got it and tried it. As an equalizer bias/fan. This loki is just a pure heaven from Schiit. Equalizer is the best thing to have to alter the signature to suit what you want. Yep, schiit did it :)
  4. ElectroMod
    Hi, will have the Loki mini this coming Thursday, yes sorry about not putting the page up we have been busy with the Indulgence Show as was away setting up when the product was release. We will have it up by the end of the day.
    Also many thanks for pointing out that we have to deal with shipping, import duties, warehousing and warranty costs as unfortunately has to be taking into consideration for all manufactures (but we try are best).
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  5. richdytch
    Mine just arrived and it's up and running. Maybe a little bit of burn-in going on, maybe my ears getting used to it. But I've also recently been using a Quad 34 preamp recently specifically for its EQ. That thing is like a bull in a china shop sonically, but I do love it. The Schiit is certainly a totally different proposition, far more subtle, way more transparent. But it's what I've become used to, so it's going to take me a good while to get proper impressions together.
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  6. richdytch
    ....aaaaaand, it's really good. Just think it needed to warm up. Haven't twiddled with it much, nor do I imagine myself do so except for really old jazz recordings. My system is slightly forward, with slightly over-polite bass, and it's sorted both of those things out very nicely. I find I forget it's there, it's very nicely transparent. Good job Schiit.
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  7. ahossam
    I wonder will they release the mumby2 and gumby stack friendly version, with balance input.
  8. antimatter
    For all the "Finally" remarks I have seen there are some people/companies that have been doing this for a few years now. They are tucked away in the world of bespoke pro audio.

    They are allot more than the Loki mini but still no where near the cost of the Manley, Cello, SPL options.

    I have tried out too many eq's to count including some big money dbx and Rane models as well Accuphase and Technics slider hifi types and software options to boot. To me all of those options fell short mostly due to a veil and too many bands/sliders to mess around with. To me all of them are better off remaining in the studio and I don't know what's necessarily wrong with that.

    What has finally really worked for me, at least the last couple months, is an ARS 2200. Only 10 bands to deal with which to me is the perfect amount for home audio and zero veil/noise coming through. Isonoe also makes an EQ like this. I have not tried it but have had the pleasure of using a Bozak mixer restored by them and it was dreamy.
  9. richdytch
    Hi @antimatter I'm sure that the ARS and its kin are wonderful pieces of equipment, but certainly for the ARS weighing in at ten times the price of the Loki mini, the price is prohibitive for me at the moment. That said, I'm genuinely impressed by the level of transparency the Schiit offers - I've not turned it off for a few days and it's become wonderfully open. I forget it's in the chain. My PMC 23s are very revealing, and I've not picked up on any sort of veil. I'm sure it can be bettered - of course it can - but for the money, it's pretty amazing.
  10. antimatter
    Schiit does make good stuff. Just thought I would mention that for those looking for a balanced/bigger badder version they are out there and have been for a couple years now. $1500 is a lot but chump change compared to a Cello, Manley or SPL and much better for home use than the few totl slider type eq's that go for the same money.

    The one eq that I have always wanted to try is the Sony se-p900. Finding one is almost impossible and they are going for crazy money when they do pop up. If schiit could copycat that eq., give it balanced input and output and keep it under a grand I think they would have a real winner on their hands. No one else is doing this except for a few small bespoke pro audio companies.

    I'm def. interested just more interested in a balanced ver. with more bands, say 8-12. Heck even if I don't get one I would just love to see it as this was an area of audio that got massively neglected the last 20 years, at least hardware wise.
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  11. Sound Eq
    9031321.jpg greetings I got the loki and would like to ask how do I connect it to the my burson V2+ dac/amp connected to my laptop to use with my headphones, and how many rcs cables do i need

    kindly please help
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
  12. technobear
    The Loki Mini is an all-analogue device. It has to be inserted between a source with an analogue output and an amp with an analogue input.

    Most people will place it between their DAC and their amp.

    It can be used with an integrated dac/amp only if the latter has pre-out and power-in socketry or a tape loop or similar as featured on many integrated speaker amps and receivers.

    Your Burson is interesting as it appears to have both DAC out and analogue in. Whether they will work at the same time is unknown. The user manual doesn't say although it does say that when you insert a headphone, the RCA output is turned off. Whether this means both the DAC out and pre-out is not made clear.

    I suggest you email your question to Burson directly but I am not hopeful that you can use Loki Mini with your Burson.
  13. Sound Eq
    now that really is a bummer, so what if i connect for example a chord mojo to the burson how can we then go on using mojo---loki---buson---- how many rca cable in this case do I need or what cables do i need to do that set up, and how do i set that set up , thanks so much as I am really bad in setting things up
  14. technobear
    Sorry but I don't have a Mojo and I don't know if the headphone outs can be used as line outs.

    If they can then it's simple: a 3.5mm to twin-RCA interconnect from Mojo to Loki and a pair of RCA to RCA interconnects from Loki to an analogue (line) input on the Burson.
  15. sarge7359
    For the Burson I'd try the DAC out and see if that'll do the loop.
    For the Mojo you need to press the volume buttons down while the Mojo is booting to get line out level through the 3.5mm and then it is 3.5mm to twin RCA to Loki to Burson as technobear stated.
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