Schiit Audio Loki Mini Four-Band Equalizer - Head-Fi TV

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  1. Sound Eq
    can you please explain in detail your suggestions where each cables goes to
    knowing i will using my laptop in the chain
  2. technobear
    Laptop (USB port) --> USB cable --> (USB port) Mojo (Headphone socket) --> 3.5mm to 2xRCA --> (RCA inputs) Loki (RCA outputs) --> RCA cables --> (Line In) Burson

    ...or you could try reading the user manuals.
  3. Sound Eq
    thanks with the mojo I already knew how to do it. I mean how can I do it with just the burson and loki if that is possible
  4. Sound Eq
    the loki is so so so amazing that i wish they can desgin a portable battery powered version to be used with gears we have

    I am buying another one for my home system now
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  5. technobear
    Oh, I see. Sorry I misunderstood you.

    You would need to use a pair of RCA interconnects from the Burson DAC OUT to the Loki LINE IN and then a pair of RCA interconnects from the Loki LINE OUT to the Burson line in which appears to be labelled 'I'. Select 'I' with the input selector and see if it works. It can't do any harm. Either the DAC will work and will output sound on DAC OUT while input 'I' is selected - or it won't do anything.
  6. Sound Eq
    I will try that, also noticed someone on the burson thread is trying things and he asked burson and burson replied that he could o something called looping and it should work, but he did not succeed in doing things and he thinks he is doing something wrong and not understanding how to do it, so I emailed burson myself. As its confusing how to do looping with burson and loki or whatever that looping even means.

    I will try your way and report back

    now with mojo---burson--loki--- lcd x what an amazing result
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  7. Benjamin6264
    Just received my Loki mini. Didn't think I would enjoy playing with an EQ that much, thought it might be too much effort to make each song just right. Turns out you just follow your ears and it takes 2.8 seconds. I should have guessed it, but it's so much easier to adjust than digital EQs. I found those to be a hassle to constantly change; now I gladly tweak a knob or two whenever necessary. Consider me converted. Solid EQ, wouldn't expect less from Schiit. Would love to see a version with a few more knobs and dB control.
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  8. Tuneslover
    I ordered one yesterday.
  9. Sound Eq
    loki is one of the best gears i bought in 2017, what a great solid eq peroid
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  10. Left Channel
  11. eywleung
    This Schiit company is doing good schiit! Seriously good.
  12. Share2Care
    Hi All....In need of some guidance/help please

    Apologies for not being able to think this one out on my own but would a Loki work well together with a Jotenheim? Would someone walk me through it connection wise and how it would be the main out for my headphones etc?>

    Thank you very much indeed!

    Cheers :)
  13. Left Channel
    Please see my reply here.
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  14. richdytch
    After a few months running Chatham 6AS7G and some Sylvania 6SN7WGT, I plugged in my Valvo EL12s as drivers and suddenly remember what the fuss was about. Really lovely. That's about it for me with tube rolling for a while. Another update in about June.
  15. richdytch
    PS, using the Massdrop HE4XX - a big step up from the old HE400
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