Schiit Audio Loki Mini Four-Band Equalizer - Head-Fi TV

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  1. lugnut
    This is great, I can see most people being able to use one of these. People that don't use digital eq should be thrilled.
    I like the old "skyscraper tall, electronics filled,rack stereo systems you would but at appliance stores and department stores ".
    I owned one of the skyscraper tall systems he mentions in the video @1:31, it was a technics system. While it was not a great system, it was not bad for the price.I paid like $700 for the complete unit, - the CD player, at a circuit city in marietta, ga 1988. Worked fine until destroyed by a fire 2004. I was shocked when I went to replace it that I could no longer buy a complete system, except these mini systems or the ones you carry on your shoulders.
  2. Left Channel
    It's still called "Mini" on the side of the box:


    I'll be heading over to the Loki Mini Impressions thread soon.
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  3. Seamaster
    I wish it has upgrade options such as a better volume control. Just a wish......
  4. valiant66
    My suspicion is that URL is formed that way because there used to be a Loki for processing DSD. So this is the second Loki Schiit has offered.
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  5. ahossam
    Really tempted to get one, but first I need to figure out how to add this to my mjolnir 2 and gungnir stack. And there is only single end output...hmmm
  6. twiceboss
    Ok i help you. Buy TWO
  7. twiceboss
    My bad... i thought u were saying about amp. Yes, this is single ended only. But try it first. Balance xlr later!
  8. ahossam
    Yeah...maybe they will release the big loki with balance output.
  9. RPGWiZaRD
    I'm not that familiar with Schiit products myself but anyone knows who would sell Loki Mini in europe? I don't fancy paying the custom fees.
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  10. RUSirius
    I plan to buy from . Right now the Loki Mini is out of stock, I guess they have not got their first delivery from the US yet...
    Another option in Europe is but they have not listed the Loki Mini yet.

    Both sites seems legit, anyone that have experience with these sites?
  11. FastAndClean
    they have loki dac
  12. Left Channel
    Interesting. Both claim to be authorized retailers. I have no experience with them, but I can say this:
    ● are in the UK and offer the option of UK or EU plugs, while
    ● are in the Netherlands, and their FAQ says they stock "no USA or UK plugs"

    (Also, schiit-europe need to do a bit of polishing on their localization, starting with the <title> tag that displays in browser tabs and search descriptions: "Welcome at Schiit Audio Europe!" is neither British nor 'Merican English.)
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
  13. RPGWiZaRD
    ^ 179 € ?? That can't be right, even ordering from US would be cheaper at 156 € incl custom fees.
  14. Left Channel
    I think their prices include VAT. If you add VAT, shipping, and customs fees to the US price the total will be higher.

    If you live in a country where you don't need to pay that, contact them directly and they'll send a custom invoice via email.
  15. RUSirius
    Depends on where you live. For example, if I order the Loki from the US site the price will be: $149 + $23.52 (shipping to Sweden) + $43.13 (25% Swedish VAT on price + shipping) + $7.76 (4.5% custom fee on price + shipping) = $223,41 which is €189.
    If I order from it will be €179 + €5 (shipping) = €184 (in the EU, you only pay VAT in country you buy the goods, NL VAT is 21%).
    Therefore, I consider €179 to be a fair price. :)
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