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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. bfreedma
    Prog rock and prog metal are pretty light. Bands like The Aristocrats and Scale the Summit aren’t in their catalog. When I have a few minutes, I’ll relook at my local catalog and list more bands.
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  2. AndrewH13
    Like a bit of Prog myself, Spocks Beard, Dream Theatre, Yes, Karmakanic, Transatlantic etc. Shame if this genre lacking.
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  3. Audio Addict Contributor
  4. Progisus
    Tidal is great for Prog. One of my favorite times is sitting in Starbucks with my Mojo,Poly and Prog magazine checking out the new albums. So many new great groups. Please Yes.. one more album.
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  5. Kons
    Roon + Tidal is my daily at the moment. Qobuz is not available where I'm at and I doubt they'll have some of my more obscure music anyway.

    Now the question is if it's even worth getting a dac with MQA decoding. Anyone? (I understand the MQA controversy, but asking considering I'm already using tidal)
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  6. ZMG885
    I've decent reviews over at anandtech...yet, configurations seem pricey for what you get. I'd also consider an HP Z2 G4 mini or Lenovo P330 tiny. These are workstations, but very small form factors. I use an older HP small form factor workstation for development and it's quieter than my mac mini.
  7. Audio Addict Contributor
    I went ahead with the NUC. We will see how it does. I am going to run Win 10 for now and get a M.2 drive to load Rock on and the consider migration to Rock. It will only run Roon.

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  8. lcasadonte
    I'm re-purposing an old Zotac AD10 as we speak right now to see if I can create a mobile roon server solution for myself. @Audio Addict looks like you have a mobile implementation? The zotac uses an AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350 1.6ghz processor with 8g of ram so its a little weak. I'm not really looking for the server to do too much work so hopefully this will work. I have a 4tb WD passport pro to go with it for storage. Since I have an msdn license I started with windows 10 for the operating system for now. I just loaded up the library which just crossed 100k tracks and so far it has loaded up. Have to decide on a roon client to bring with me. My traditional mobile setup has been my DAP running into a moon neo 230had. No roon support. I've since added a chord h2 and a microrendu. I think i might leave the new230had and microrendu at work and use the h2 in the hotel. I'd have to decide on what to use as the roon client in the hotel still (or just bring the microrendu back to the hotel and use it). I've been trying to eliminate the use of my computer in the chain at every location as I'm working, getting emails and don't want the audible distractions and hiccups i get with using my pc. I'd like to know what you decide os wise. Good luck.
  9. Ultrainferno
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