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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. audiorrorist
    I think this will be my next purchase. I have the Duet 2 (MAC/PC) currently and I doubt this will be an upgrade in sound quality, but I have been curious to give this a try. Anyone know how this compares to a Duet 2?
  2. Slaphead
    No, but I will say that the Duet 2 is very highly rated, and honestly most modern DACs at that level of pricing really don't vary that much in terms of sound quality - a DAC honestly makes the smallest difference in any setup.

    If you want the toys that the ADI-2 DAC offers then by all means go for it, but you're already sitting on a highly competent and highly rated audio interface that ultimately might prove to be not that much different, or at all inferior to the ADI-2 DAC for your purposes

    I bought the ADI-2 because it offered specific features that I needed at the time, and that it had a damned good sound quality. You probably already have a damned good sound quality with the Duet 2, not to mention the ADC capabilities which the ADI-2 DAC version doesn't have - you need the Pro version for that.

    I'm not trying to put you off, but just suggesting that you have a think about where you wallet would be better emptied given that you already have a highly regarded audio interface.
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  3. Overclocked11
    ^^ good advice.
  4. audiorrorist
    I agree with you.

    You know what they say...curiosity killed the cat! I wasn't expecting an upgrade in sound quality or at least not one that will be audible. Either way the Duet isn't going anywhere! It offers state of the art sound and has the best volume control I have ever encountered! The engineers at Apogee know what they are doing!

    But I would like to try out the RME ADI-2 DAC in the future.
  5. Fantasyrulz
    Good day guys!

    I have recently bought a set of Massdrop THX AAA 789 to pair with my RME-ADI 2 DAC for the balance output but now I'm facing a problem.

    As previously I'm using RME-ADI 2 DAC to feed my JBL LSR305 via Balance XLR out, now with my new addition THX AAA 789 I'm running it with RME Unbalance RCA Out.

    So when I'm using my THX AAA 789 I can't mute my speakers and both my headphone and speaker plays together!

    Any idea to mute my speakers other then physically switching the power off?
  6. deepwatrcreatur
    I don't know how it affects performance, but I've been using an inexpensive output switching device I got off eBay. With it, I can use the XLR DAC outputs with multiple output devices. I figured that since it's completely passive, and also without any attenuation, it shouldn't really degrade performance by much. But I'm also a cable skeptic, which inclines me to a similar view of the effect of this device in the electrical path.
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  7. mixman
    I have my Adams A5X's on a separate power strip and just turn that off when I am ready to use the THX AAA. If there is a better way I would like to know too.
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  8. Phoniac
    You can use the Phones Output 3/4, or even 1/2, as Line Out. See manual, works perfectly and you are back to comfortable switching.
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  9. PaganDL

    Hi @Fantasyrulz, @mixman,

    For muting speakers in general when using headphones or any other audio output, a few options exist.
    Depending on your budget, I would suggest two options though having both may be potential overkill unless you have multiple speakers like I do & like to listen to head gear too.

    Option 1:

    Presonus HP4 or other head amp with a monitor pass through connection with a mute button for this very purpose on the unit.
    (I mainly use the pass through on HP 4 to carry the audio signal to a hif fi amp I use to drive passive speakers)
    (I also find the HP 4 good for ABCD listening for head gear, especially sensitive head gear)

    Option 2

    Monitor Controller, basically a specialised pro speaker amp which allows for easy control of multiple audio sources via one unit.
    Have individual as well as master mute function.
    Can also carry a balanced audio signal to speakers &/or head amps with XLR connections.
    I use the Drawmer MC 2.1.

    Audio Signal Chain is as follows :

    Audio Interface (Source) TO Drawmer MC 2.1 TO Speakers & Head Amps, including HP 4
    Recently, just to switch things up a little, I use the head out on my Audio Interface to feed the audio signal to the HP 4.

    As a side note, some pro speaker or monitor amps also have built in monitor controller functionality so it is possible to do what was just outlined all from one unit though having an MC is still useful especially if you have multiple head amps & speakers.

    Feel free to ask more if you need.

    Hope you both have a great day !
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  10. Fantasyrulz
    I'm so thankful for the great help you guys have given me, headfi really got one of the best community out there.
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  11. PaganDL
    No problem siah, @Fantasyrulz,

    Just noticed your location.

    Good to see more SG on headfi.

    Hope you have a great day !
  12. Fantasyrulz
    Peiseh ah!

    Hahahaha good to see familiar faces around!

    You guy really make the audio journey alot smoother already!
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  13. Luckbad
  14. audiobomber
    Why not just switch off the speaker amp when listening to headphones? That's what I do.
  15. Fantasyrulz
    The speakers got the amp build into itself. So I have to manually switch off both speakers everytime I want to use my headphone lol

    As @Phoniac suggested
    I could use my RME-ADI 2 DAC Phone out either 1/4 inch or 3.5mm to give my speakers the needed signal and use the remote to switch in between.
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