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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Andrewteee
    True. No longer hidden, since I obviously found it.
  2. Andrewteee
    I posted on the RME forum and they're also saying that some of the Mac-based products like iTunes and Tidal don't automatically change the sample rate on the DAC. No one who replaced to my question was familiar with Roon. Sadly, I've not had time for music lately so I haven't continued to experiment with the RME.
  3. Darthpool
    The SPL Phonitor is in my opinion the big brother to the THX789 that is all the rage these days (I have the 789 and he Phonitor XE), I have seen the Cayin N8 black copper model....and it is a looker, and I trust the owners opinion that it rivals a lot of desktop setups. A lot of under the radar gear gets missed it seems....but I guess it makes it easier to obtain :)
  4. bflat
    Yes, if the music app supports auto switching then it will work. I assume you are using the Tidal desktop app.

    @Mr B1 seems to have figured out how to set Tidal to auto switch sampling rate.
  5. Andrewteee
    So using Tidal (and Qobuz possibly) directly does it, eh. Not through Roon then. I'll try that.
  6. occamsrazor
    Roon works totally fine on Mac with auto-switching the sample rate, as does Audirvana. Pretty much the only app I've used that doesn't is iTunes. I still use iTunes to manage my music library in terms of adding, editing metadata etc, then Roon syncs with it and I play with Roon.
  7. mvvRAZ
    I use Audirvana personally, works fine (though the UI is a bit retro) and fixes the sample rate. Costs way less than Roon which is nice.
  8. Andrewteee
    Huh. I'll look into it again, but so far the DAC is not switching sample rates based on USB input from Roon. I might try a hard reset too.
  9. bflat
    Just to be clear, the DAC is not deciding what sample rate to play. Your USB source is sending the specific sampling rate to the DAC so the issue is with your media player application.
  10. Andrewteee
    Right. But it seems the source - Roon so far - is not sending the same rate data to the RME DAC and I'm having to manually adjust it in the OSX Midi settings.
  11. bflat
    Definitely get some support from Roon. Even when you manually change the Mac OS system to a higher sampling rate, all that does is upscale the Roon lower sample rate using a very simple algorithm so you get zero audio benefit.
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  12. Andrewteee
    Qobuz is automatically updating the sampling rates on the RME DAC.
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  13. occamsrazor
    Just be sure that you haven't got Roon set to upsample everything to a certain sample rate, eg in DSP settings? To be honest while Roon auto-sample-rate switching does work fine for me.... what I do instead in Roon DSP settings is have Roon upsample everything to 32bit/384khz anyway.... You can even go up to 768khz upsampling, but then you lose a little functionality.
  14. Luckbad
    I first got the RME ADI-2 DAC back in January of 2018 (right as it came out!). Lately, I've been doing some shenanigans using its coax input from a guitar/mic preamp to take advantage of the stellar USB drivers and low latency of the unit.

    I've finally decided I could use the ADC and USB->S/PDIF capabilities of the RME ADI-2 Pro FS, so I'm planning to do the upgrade shortly (basically as soon as I have a buyer for the ADI-2 DAC).

    I did my research and there's really just not anything better out there for anywhere close to the money.
  15. captblaze
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