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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Slaphead
    Good advice in general, but the ADI-2 DAC and PRO have fallback firmware encoded into the device itself, so if the firmware update fails for any reason, the unit will automatically fall back to the firmware that was originally delivered with the device.

    I did the upgrade this morning without problem and it took around 10 seconds including turning the unit off and then on again.
  2. deepwatrcreatur
    I'm consistently impressed by the good judgment of the RME engineers.
  3. captblaze
    I agree with your assessment of RME and their (obsessive) attention to detail. and to be honest I took the upgrade for 2 reasons.

    1. quick mute by pressing volume
    2. more detail on home screen

    and having dual firmware is a bonus it avoids being stuck without a way to go back (looking at you Mytek)

    all in all I have been happy with the ADI-2 DAC and RME as an OEM
  4. Slaphead
    Actually with the ADI 2 DAC/Pro you can go back to whatever firmware version for any reason. If you haven’t kept a copy of your previous FW updates you can contact RME and they’ll supply you with the FW version of your choice.

    They know and admit that bugs creep in, and while these bugs may well be innocuous for most users, for some users theses bugs can have a serious impact to their workflow - RME is, after all, a pro audio outfit, and so they offer this.
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  5. Darthpool
    Now if only they would add purple to the color scheme!
  6. WildStyle-R11
    I like the way you think!

    I'm glad I got the RME, Good to know that they are showing such good support for their products.
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  7. Overclocked11
    THIS.. my current color scheme is Purple and Pink (in my PC and peripherals). if they ever added this it would be a great day indeed
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  8. frogmeat69
    Just hooked mine up today, what a nice piece of equipment, controls are a bit confusing, but great sounding DAC and amp all around. Very glad I got one!
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  9. MikeW
    welcome to the club, your gonna love it :)
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  10. JerryLeeds
    Question about my set up, best way to connect everything. I finally got my THX AAA 789.

    RME ADI-2 DAC balanced output into a Monolith Liquid Platinum and single ended output into the Massdrop THX AAA 789 and then using the THX's single bypass output into a Massdrop CTH.

    Seems like the sound quality is the same with either XLR or single input into the THX AAA 789, there is just a volume difference.

    I also have these DACs which I can use SMSL M300 and Geshelli Labs Enog2 Pro. But I would prefer to just use the RME ADI-2 DAC.

  11. CaptainFantastic
    @JerryLeeds Would prefer? If you would run the other DACs + the other amps, then what would the ADI-2 be used for? EQ and good looks for 1000 EUR?

    I find that with most headphones the ADI-2 alone is perfect. I suppose the 789 can be used for very high impedence headphones and the Liquid Platinum for the tube experience. My view.
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  12. Darthpool
    I think, maybe switch the balanced to the THX 789 in that chain? But really it comes down to your preference. I read that the Liquid Platinum converts single ended to balanced internally, that is the reason for suggesting swapping it with the THX789 in your chain if possible....also the CTH is very redundant in that chain...as the Liquid is a “better” and same style amp...but once again go with what you like =) also your original chain works too and shouldn’t be a concern, other then the power output differences you mentioned earlier. But others with more experience can give better experience/advice than me =) above is just my opinion so take it as that, cheers and keep having fun with your gear!
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  13. Litlgi74
    The ADI-2 DAC sounds wonderful with the Abyss 1266... Though it does struggle to go loud without distortion in high mode.

    I am using the Cayin iha-6 in conjunction with the ADI-2... It sounds clean as a whistle.

    Although I have not heard amps like the V281 or the Formula S... If not listening at louder volumes... I doubt you would need anything other than the ADI-2 to drive the 1266. I plan on checking out some other amps at RMAF.

    Until then... I'm going to enjoy the RME and Cayin combo.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
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  14. Traiguen
    What difference do you hear from the ADI-2 to the ADI-2+Cayin IHA-6?
  15. Litlgi74
    Not much of anything... I find the IHA-6 to be very neutral.

    The only reason I am using the IHA-6 is for the extra power the Abyss 1266 require.... Otherwise the the ADI-2 would be just fine on its own.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
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