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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. cobrabucket
    If I ended up with this DAC, I would output it to a device with preamp capabilities downstream to control volume. Worth It!
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
  2. captblaze
    I am using HQ Player and have a specific set of filters enabled for my current DAC (Brooklyn+). I like HQ Player because of its CUDA Offload feature which lets me leverage the power of my GeForce Titan X Graphics card to do all the heavy lifting during conversions and such. as for format... used to be .wav until I hated fiddling with the metadata constantly from player to player. all my CDs are ripped to no compression FLAC, have around 100 SACD's ripped to .ISO and .DSF. I also have some DVD-A and Blu Ray Audio ripped to 24/192 FLAC.

    I was supposed to have my ADI-2 DAC delivered today, but unfortunately FedEx ran into cold weather issues enroute to the delivery hub and I wont see it till tomorrow (perhaps). I guess I should read more talk less and figure this thing out once I receive it
  3. MikeW
    There is no heavy lifting with modern cpu. Probably peg your 9900k at like 0.22% usage on one core. Using cuda for such a weak workload seems crazy
  4. captblaze
    CPU is a 4790K and the titan is pushed to 18% while upconverting to DSD512 in real time. so it leaves me headroom to do some video encoding at the same time.

    the CPU runs at about 20% during the same operation. considering I built this computer 4 years ago and it still handles everything I throw at it to this day all is good
  5. technobear
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  6. technobear
    I already said this two pages ago. Perhaps you missed it:

    This is all described in some detail on page 32 of the user manual. You did read the user manual, didn't you?
  7. technobear
    The RME combats this in two ways.

    First, the volume control is performed at 32-bit resolution so you have to turn it down a long way to lose anything.

    Second, it has Automatic Reference Level setting which adjusts the gain of the analogue stage on the fly depending on volume selected so the digital volume control isn't attenuating as much as the display is indicating.
  8. Litlgi74
    Silly question...

    I have my RME on my nightstand for bedtime listening... Any way of turning of the red led when the unit is powered off?

  9. CaptainFantastic
    This question was asked on the RME support forum and the answer was "No", because it is hardwired, not controllable through firmware updates.
  10. Litlgi74
    Thanks for the reply... that stinks. :frowning2:
  11. CaptainFantastic
  12. domho7
    Just emailed supplier no stock for rme adi 2
  13. Litlgi74
    This is where I purchased mine... $999. No issues. 30 day return policy. It was drop shipped from Synthax Inc.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  14. domho7
    Tks for the link
  15. captblaze
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