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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. domho7
    Hi tks for the link on purchases.
    Presently I am using my A&K as transport chord mojo as dac and Aroma audio A100 + ps100 as amp. I hv fiio fh5 iems and audeze lcd2.
    I was trying some dac like Audiolab mdac+ by connecting sr15 using micro USB to USB B to dac and the amp mini jack to rca. There's signal shown on mdac but no sound. I have same experience with arcam irdac dac also.
    Tried denafrips Ares 1st day was gd and I like it. But 2nd day started issues and 3rd day can't connect.
    But strange thing is I can connect with chord dave cutest Hugo 2 and TT2.
    I am concerned if I were to get rme dac and later have USB B issues with the sr15.
    My playing ground is limited to L430 W420 H420.
    Would appreciate some advice fr rme users.
  2. mixman
    Sweetwater will do it for $999 and they have a 30 day return policy.
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  3. MikeW
    I bought mine from Pitbull Audio on ebay, it was their last unit. 999$ with 30 day return window. Should arrive tomorrow.
  4. VRacer-111
    I got mine from Sweetwater mainly because could split payment into 3 installments over 2 months...
  5. MikeW
    Oh god, don't finance headphone gear... dave ramsy for the win.
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  6. Luckbad
    Doh, my bad! From where the replies were heading, it sounded like more than one person believed you could not use volume control while playing DSD files at all.
  7. VRacer-111
    Sweetwater allows for 3 payments stretched over 2 months if you have good credit for gear over a certain ammount...it's not 'financed'. Can pay whole lump sum at once, but when you can break it into 3 payments and pay off the credit card easier over 3 payment periods it makes it easier to keep zero balance.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  8. Mrstump5
    So im new to this thread and I'm just wondering. Why is this dac so popular? I's it bc of the features it has and thats its cheap compared to other dacs. How does it compare to a yggy 2
  9. MikeW
    From what I gather it's a combination of it's features and performance. It's not a "Cheap" dac however, by any measure really. It does have an excellent power circuit (despite being Switch Mode PS), and an excellent Digital Input section.. these are things that are important and commonly sub-par on cheaper options. It also has a DSP with numerous features, and EQ built in, a volume control, a pre-amp, headphone amp, iem amp, multiple outputs etc. It's made by a no-nonsense pro outfit that's been around for a long time. It' measures exceptionally well.

    While i've not personally heard a Yggdrasil, this device is quite different in many ways. It's Delta Sigma for one, which will yield quite a different sonic profile. It's also less then half the cost of a Yggdrasil. I've not seen them compared directly, often, but the few times I have, they Yggy comes out on top. Not surprising given it's 20 lb chasis and 2300$ price tag. Gungnir would be a more appropriate comparison, and here it comes down to voicing and subjective preference, and if you need features, there's no comparison, schiit has nothing with this feature list.

    Some people don't care for multi-bit. User Cskippy on these forums has owned most of the Schiit Dac's, and has sold them all in preference of ADI-2, and recently moved on to a higher tier DS dac, Dangerous Music, convert-2.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  10. tekkster
    $999 is the old price up until november of last year. As of nov, price went up by $100 for all new orders. Only reason there was some stagger of leftover $999 in december was some retailers had placed orders for their stock before the price went up, so those retailers kept the $999 for consumers as the orders to the main wholesale distributor came in to refill stock.

    No one has any of those left, i don’t think. Everywhere that was $999 is now now the new $1099.

    Well, at lest as far as i can tell.

    Pa. Only talking about US brick and mortar and US online. Dunno about price changes anywhere else
  11. pororom
    I am very interested in this and initially I will use it as a dac / headphone amp
    (I have a chord qutest on my hifi equipment, although I do not rule out connecting it to this group too in order to appreciate the differences between them and enjoy the sound profile of each one of them)

    I listen classical music

    The issue is that I currently equalize my headphones with a simple band equalizer with this profile:

    -Amp (-1.5)
    -31 (-4.0)
    -62 (0)
    -125 (+2)
    -250 (+1)
    -500 (0)
    -1k (0)
    -2k (0)
    -4k (0)
    -8k (-4)
    -16k (-6)

    I have seen that the ADI uses a parametric equalizer, can you help me and tell me what would be the equivalent profile that should be applied in the parametric equalizer of the ADI?

    Thank you
  12. CaptainFantastic
    The ADI-2 Pro FS version is some 600 euro more expensive. Has anyone compared it to the ADI-2 DAC? Is the sound quality improved in the case of headphones use or just a matter of additional functionalities?
  13. Mrstump5
    How is the soundstage and depth of the rme? I hear the yggy is deep but narrow
  14. captblaze
    I have owned a first gen Yggy and I have an ADI-2 DAC FS arriving today. I can try to give you a memory lane review, but to be honest I am the last person who can describe the slight differences (or big glaring ones)

    I am more of I like it or I don't. I have come to the realization that after 200 + live shows over the course of my life just cause I think it sounds good doesn't mean you will think the same
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  15. LTd head
    The comparison between Yggy would be awesome!
    However, I totally agree with you - "I like it or I don't"!
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