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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Phoniac
    DSD via SPDIF is limited to DSD64, everywhere.
  2. technobear
    Yeah. Sorry, I don't know why I read Sabre. It just says 'DA converter chips' in the user manual.

    The ADI2-DAC of course uses AK4490.
  3. captblaze
    is volume control of DSD possible through software (HQ Player, Jriver)? I do realize there is a reference level that can be set in the DAC, but they are just preset levels. I would like a bit more granular control of DSD Direct volume and was curious

    or do I need to trim the output of my amp in order to keep from taking my speakers apart?
  4. MagnusH
    This DSD and volume issue on this DAC is a little confusing. Lots of DACs out there has them combined so why isn't it possible on this DAC? Or is the RME DAC doing it the DSP way, which as far as I know is not a good way of doing it.
  5. technobear
    Volume control in ADI2-DAC is digital.

    Digital volume control is not possible on DSD.
  6. technobear
    Volume control in ADI2-DAC is digital.

    Digital volume control is not possible on DSD.
  7. MagnusH
    Volume control in all Chord DACs are also digital, yet they support DSD. Same with my current DAC Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital. I think you can ask the DAC chips to perform volume modifications, which is performed on the output stage.

    If volume is done in DSP, you lose effective resolution.
  8. Slaphead
    DSD is DSD and it is not alterable at all in the digital domain, at all.

    For volume control on pure DSD you need to send the signal from the DAC to a pre/power or integrated amp with an analog volume control.

    DSD is a hopeless format with absolutely no benefits, and a ton of drawbacks compared to PCM, so my advice is to convert whatever you have in DSD to PCM and then enjoy the music with control. DSD is the audio equivalent of the Emperors new clothes
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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  9. Slaphead
    1. That means that DSD has to be converted to PCM internally for a digital volume control to function.

    2. And no, if volume is done in DSP you do not lose effective resolution with modern DACs as the digital signal is translated to a higher bit depth before volume processing.
  10. Luckbad
    You do have volume control with DSD. @technobear is incorrect here. If you use DSD Direct (an option), that disables all additional processing--including volume control--and only lets you play via line out. That's the purist function for people who are DSD junkies.

    Source: Me. I got an ADI-2 DAC over a year ago and I've listened to quite a bit of DSD with it. Edit: Listening to a couple of DSD track right now via JRiver on my RME ADI-2 DAC with volume control.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
  11. captblaze
    if that is the case, I have some work to do. any suggestion as to bit depth and resolution? all my DSD files are both .iso and .dsf.
  12. MikeW
    I do know this unit is supposed to be prettty high end with regards to all its input modes, including USB. Very few are better. Femto clocks for sure and likely galvanic isolation as well. People have commented no change when using it with reclockers and linear power supplies. Also many have auditioned this Dac vs Hugo and preferred it. I’d say they are both in the same technical league so more preference then anything
  13. bwcgrx
    If the software you are using supports DSD playback, I asume it does, there is no reason to permanently convert your DSD source files to PCM. Just turn off DSD direct mode on the RME and let the RME convert from DSD to PCM on the fly. You will then have volume control through all outputs including the headphone jack. The DSP functions of the RME will be disabled however. I'd recommend on the fly DSD to PCM conversion in your playback software if DSP is important to you when playing DSD. Taking the time to convert your DSD content to PCM is just a waste when software like Foobar and JRiver and the RME can do this for you in real time. Some people have such a hatred for DSD that they would prefer to see it eradicated. I'm lossless format agnostic myself.
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  14. cobrabucket
    /\ THIS.
  15. cobrabucket
    I love DSD!!! Wish that there were more albums in that format, but they sound amazing! Definitely the best way listen to digital music, IMHO. I feel that PCM conversion is fine, but takes away that "something special" sound [warmer, more analog sounding] that I hear when listening to native DSD.
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