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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. pororom
    Hi guys
    I currently have a dac / amp Arcam irdac 2 (sabre ES9016K2M) paired with Denon AH-7200 (impedance 25 omhs - sensitivity 105 dB / mW).
    I listen through Audirvana 3 with izotope and upsampling of 24/192.
    The result is not entirely satisfactory since I have acute wheezing and background noise.
    I attribute it to the high sensitivity of the Denon and the construction of the Arcam ...
    Do you think that it could have a noticeable improvement with the ADI using the output of iems and some of the filters?
    I would not stop to configure equalizer and other parameters because I am very clumsy with this type of applications.
    Thank you
  2. technobear
    Does the noise stop when you put the computer to sleep?

    Sounds like a problem I am also having with noise when the computer is on. I'm having the problem with a power amp (the ADI2-DAC is dead silent) but I have managed to establish that the noise is travelling through the mains, probably on the ground.

    Something to try is to get an extension lead and plug your Arcam into a socket far away from the computer socket. See if the noise diminishes.

    I have done this but it didn't solve the problem completely so I now looking at mains filters.

    It is also possible that the noise is coming via USB if your USB cable isn't very good. An iPurifier2 or iPurifier3 would put a stop to that.

    Having said all that, the ADI2-DAC seems to be immune to this.
  3. pororom
    Hello and thanks you for your observations.
    The source is a mini mac and the sockets are separated.
    The USB cable is a Starlight 7 USB 2.0.
    My thoughts go more towards the output power of the Arcam and the great sensitivity of the Denon AH-7200 (it is heard with fewer artifacts connected to my Galaxy S8 with the Hiby Music playback software).
    The Ifi purifier I thought it is an additional option to consider, but I would like to start with a remarkable improvement with the Dac / Amp (hence my possible interest in the ADI)
    I prefer a Dac / Amp before a combo for space reasons ...
    Look at the Arcam specifications, to see if this helps us find the problem:https://www.arcam.co.uk/products,rSeries,USB-DAC,irdacii.htm#techspecs
  4. technobear
    I use T1, T5p and LCD-X, all around 102dB/mW and all totally silent with the ADI2-DAC (from either output).

    The Arcam should be silent too looking at its specs.

    Just to be sure, you aren't turning the volume up to maximum and being surprised you hear noise are you? You are hearing this at the same volume settings you listen at?

    Perhaps you could say a bit more about the unwanted noises you are hearing. Are we just talking hiss here? Does the sound change in any way if you plug a mouse into the Mac and start moving it around. That would be a sure giveaway as to the source (happens here with my power amp - I hear a buzzing as soon as the mouse moves).
  5. pororom
    It's as if the sound is congested, adding the background whistle you mention ...
  6. Bart147
    Has anybody used the RME ADI-2 DAC as pre amp in their main stereo system ?
    I recently bought the Quad Vena II integrated amp based on the positive reviews and while it's good enough I'm not fond of the synergy with my KEF LS-50 .
    From a flexibilty view point I've decided to go down the DAC/Pre amp + power amp route , to this end I bought a used Audiolab M-PWR amp and I've narrowed my DAC/AMP list to either the Audiolab M-DAC + or the RME ADI-2 DAC .
    Q1 : can anybody comment on the audio quality connected via XLR out to a power amp in their main system ?
    Q2 : I've read that , purely based on SQ , the RME ADI-2 DAC is a step up from the M-DAC+ : can anybody confirm this ?
    Thanks in advance !
  7. VRacer-111
    That's how mine is used half the time... paired with a NAD C275BEE stereo amp which drives both my STAX SR-L300 Limiteds and Polk RTi A5 mains. I'm only running single ended not balanced though... because it's not an amp with balanced inputs. It is the best the C275BEE has ever sounded in my system... bass is absolutely best its been in extension, impact, and fullness, midbass punch is very impactful. Mids/vocals are incredibly forward, clean, and full sounding. Highs are as detailed and clear as ever with most energetic sound they've had yet still somewhat smooth. Works well in my setup.

    Have used the Gustard X20U, Audioquest DFR, and lower/midlevel home theater components previously.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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  8. albertmuc
    Use the RME Adi-2 Dac for my Beyerdynamic T1 and the symmetrical output as a pre amp to drive a power amplifier, with the sonic result, I am very satisfied. No idea if it fits in any case, I would highly recommend a try.
  9. cobrabucket
    Hey guys. Long, rambling, detailed question to follow: I currently use 2 different DACs 1. SMSL SU-8 for Hi-Res and DSD and 2. Schiit Modi Multibit [Mimby] for 16 bit. I have BH Crack Tube amp, a Stax srm-t1 electrostatic tube amp and a THX 789. The nicest phones I own are the Koss 950, followed by Sennheiser 6XX and Argon Mk3. I want to know if you think it would be worth it to upgade my DAC. Ideally, I'd like to use 1 DAC for everything. I have heard videos comparing a Chord Qutest with RME ADI DAC2 and really like the thicker, fuller sound of the Qutest. How similar does the 2Cute sound to the Qutest? Would the Denafrips ARES be good at the Hi-Res audio? I know it could play it, just like the Mimby can play Hi-Res, but the Mimby doesn't really seem to give it anything "special" above that for technological reason I can't explain but have seen people discuss on the Mimby thread here. I think I saw somewhere that the ARES uses a 20-bit ladder. Is this right? If so, does that mean it would have diminishing reurns when dealing with Hi-Res PCM? Someone mentioned I might like the Ifi Micro iDSD BL, but it comes with an amp and I don't really need an extra amp. Someone else said the RME ADI2 DAC would be a good fit, but it also has an amp that I don't seem to need and in the videos referenced above, the Qutest seemed to sound better to me. Also seen someone saying SMSL VMV D1 should be considered. I do like the nice multibit bass sound of the Mimby but also like the clean, detailed sound of the SU-8. Maybe there is a best of both worlds? Would any of this even matter at the Mid-Fi level of equipment I am at? Would I be better served by saving up to get some upgraded phones [Aeolus, HD820 or Stax L700]? My head is spinning. I want it all, but must choose wisely. Need Guidance... Thanks!
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  10. Bart147
    I took the plunge and ordered the RME ADI-2 DAC , if I get home in time I should have both on monday evening . I'll use it mainly as pre-amp connected via Procab REF710 XLR to my Audiolab M-PWR amp.
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  11. MikeW
    Your a little manic my friend. Slow down a bit. Breathe.

    I recommend the adi-2 under the condition you use it’s EQ. In my opinion it’s the main reason to own this Dac, a killer feature if you will. While it won’t completely capture multi bit sound, you will find much range in the tonality of the adi-2 when using its EQ.
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  12. captblaze
    just ordered the non pro FS version. using it to anchor my near field system.

    my system isn't too complicated. Custom PC>DAC>Class D Amp>KEF LS50 or Wharfedale Dentons depending on my mood. I own a slew of HP also. My #1 HP Is a set of HD800S. I do have some 600 ohm BD880 that I am hoping come alive (not owning anything that makes them really sing)

    Jazz / R&B / Prog Rock are my preferred genres with a minor in Classical

    not looking for any sound comparisons, but more some info on initial setup and any issues during that phase. I have the manual in .pdf format, but as comprehensive as it appears, I am always looking for first hand knowledge and experience.
  13. Luckbad
    The manual is comprehensive.

    The main thing is to tried on Hi-Power mode on the headphone out if you're using those cans directly from the RME.

    If you have Windows 10, you can plug and play. Drivers are only really needed for ASIO. Some people said they got dropouts with the RME driver but not the default Windows driver.
  14. MikeW
    I got my finger on the trigger for the DAC FS model myself. I really want a device with hardware EQ. Would use to drive LSR 305 and HD650, and would replace my JOT/Bifrost. With perhaps an upgrade later down the line to a decent tube amp. My room could use some EQ for monitor's and im a big believer in the power of EQ done right. The only thing that gives me pause is Marv/Purrin's thoughts, he really hated this device! Hardly any negative feedback other then his. FYI the best new deal i'f found on this item is by making offer's on ebay, some vendor's sell these units brand new and will accept less then full price. I have an accepted offer for 999$ right now. You can also order straight from RME in germany, if you create a "Friends of RME" account though there website you can get a significant discount. Drops the price in USD to 913$ plus 48$ to ship to USA. Cheapest i've found, but you'll have to deal with a long 2-3 week ship time.
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  15. Luckbad
    You can safely ignore Marv on the ADI-2 DAC and form your own impressions. He listensed for seconds (maybe minutes) with only stock settings using the integrated amp out. The DAC is better than the Amp (your Jot would be better than the amp in the unit). He gets stupid about some things plus he doesn't have the time to read manual pron and figure out how to use it.

    You ought to be buying from someone with a return policy anyway, so if you hate it, no big deal.
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