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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. greyscale75
    Just received a Monoprice 789 amp. Ok RME ,when is the ADI-2 going to be available in the USA?:disappointed:
  2. bryceu
    This is a great way to put it. Even though I’m not familiar with 800s I definitely agree the 887 can play to the Verite’s strengths as well.
  3. bryceu
    Monoprice 887*

    There are plenty of good alternative DACs to the RME since you don’t need an AIO DAC/AMP combo. I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Bifrost 2 and it’s around half the cost of the RME. Grace SDAC balanced is another cheap alternative or SMSL SU-8, although I will say the RME DAC outperforms both of the latter.
  4. bryceu
    @mixman so i did an interesting thing and put the LISST tubes in the Mjolnir 2 to give them another listen. I'm not sure why I had discounted them as being poor the first time I listened to them because I actually find the Mj2 with the LISST to be an enjoyable and viable experience.

    It's a bit early to give an official position, but I'm finding the LISST to offer things some benefits that the 887 is not.

    The 887 is definitely still the more crisp/sharp amp when it comes to detail. (Think Utopia or LCD4. refined, sharp, crisp detail).

    The LISST is giving a more realistic/authentic listening experience. Instruments, drums especially, sound closest to how they do in the real world. The stage depth and width of the LISST setup is about the same as the 887, both being wider and deeper than the RME. What I'm enjoying about the LISST also is that the mids are more engaging and I don't notice the minor dryness/blandness that I do on the 887. The LISST is favoring more body and heft (but it doesn't sound like distortion).
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  5. mixman
    Great impressions. It seems like one isn’t dominant over the other, only different flavors. But I think you would agree both sound a little better than the RME’s amp?
  6. gimmeheadroom
    My shiny black ADI-2 DAC FS came to my life this morning. Amazing. Best thousand euros you can spend on audio IMHO. We have the disadvantage to pay a lot more for it than Americans even though we live in the next country to Germany. But at least it was available quickly here.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  7. bryceu
    Definitely both are upgrades from the RME amp, with the 887 being the more distinguishable upgrade in terms of technicalities.
  8. gimmeheadroom
    It was in stock at Thomann in Germany for only a week. I got two (long story, I sent one back to them unopened) and today I see it is already out of stock again. I don't know if RME is not making many or if people are just buying every unit immediately. If I had to guess, I would say the latter :D
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  9. Collusion[FIN]
    I would be extremely interested in hearing some impressions/comparisons, especially if you have heard the original version of ADI-2 DAC.
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  10. Nostoi
    Me too.
  11. gimmeheadroom
    I'm sorry guys. This is my first one. Actually, I wanted to buy an MQA-capable desktop DAC but after reading this thread and not having enough money for the Brooklyn DAC+ I decided I couldn't go wrong with the RME.

    So far my very early impressions based on playing high bitrate PCM samples from 2l.no and using Tidal and Deezer desktop apps (hifi subscriptions to both) over WDM and foobar2000 (ASIO) SACD ISOs and flac are:

    The ADI-2 FS DAC and Sennheiser 600s are not a great pairing. On the other hand, LCD2C which are very easy to drive are magical. The clarity of the DAC is incredible. The better material you feed it the better it sounds. Absolutely smooth from bottom to top using default settings and crystal clear. Musical yet without any coloration. I think if you want a desktop setup then the RME and a pair of Audezes is all you need and you're done.

    I do get some clicks on Tidal and maybe Deezer between songs or when changing albums. It's annoying but tolerable.

    The remote is nice but for me not useful because I'm using the DAC on my desk with headphones. Surely it's something nice to have if you want to run the DAC into an integrated amp.

    The printed manual comes with an extra page saying the manual is already out of date. The manual is great but I wish they would provide the latest manual especially if they know it's not the latest.

    Driver installation and firmware update on Windows 10 is easy and smooth.

    I would like an option to turn off the red power ring illumination when the device is turned off. Too much light pollution in my room at night.

    If you have any specific questions I'll try to answer. But I have no experience with the previous model.
  12. betula
    What's the gear you are coming from if I may ask? Thanks!
  13. gimmeheadroom
    No desktop setup to speak of, just a Chord Mojo.

    My regular MQA DAC is an Oppo 205 and I also have an Audiolab 8300 CD player with a USB DAC that uses an ESS9018 which I think might even sound better. Headamps include a Meier Corda Jazz-ff and some tube gear.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
  14. Gus141
    Got my LUMIN U1 Mini network transport (streamer) yesterday, and after a day of trying all the permutations to my gear, the LUMIN connected to the RME ADI-2 DAC via USB sounded the best. Great combo! Best sound quality I’ve had out of any streamer I own (Oppo 205 via UPnP/DLNA, Bluesound Node 2i, and now LUMIN U1 Mini).

    I’m no longer interested in trying the AES/EBU cable adapter to get it to work with the coax S/PDIF input of the RME. I think RME’s USB implementation is better than the Oppo 205; maybe their fs internal clock for USB is the difference, and makes it sound better than any S/PDIF input I give it. I’m still using all the inputs on the RME though: Oppo 205 via optical, Node 2i via coax, and now LUMIN U1 Mini via USB.

    I love this DAC.

  15. gimmeheadroom
    I think maybe it comes down to ESS vs. AK. The ESS is more analytical (so is my Chord Mojo). The AK is warmer. Kinda like the Sennheiser of DACs.
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