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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Docharsha89
    Is the TT2 a huge jump from H2 in terms of pure SQ ? Will it be similar to moving from a Mojo to H2 ?
  2. betula
    To me the TT2 is Mojo's tonality and H2's technicality multiplied by 5. Compared to H2 the sound is more spacious, 3D imaging is even better, the sound is meatier and even more natural/realistic. It is an expensive piece of kit and H2 is already a great DAC, but TT2 for me is another level.
    But we are derailing the thread here...
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  3. emacs
    Even more so, consider this : RME is a DAC + DSP so it's hard to argue that its sound is worth its price. If it would have been the case then the DSP would be there for free which is bollocks. Unless the DSP makes it's sound? But then how could it be transparent? It's not easy, is it :). I guess the value of this thing is in customization, not pure SQ. That's grand, nothing wrong with it. Having said that, one could make an argument that something like Mytek Liberty et al. has SQ worth its money as it is a pure bare-bone DAC which neither has a DSP nor even a display.
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  4. blockchainhero
    I’m not sure that makes any sense, particularly in light of the objective measurements for the RME over on ASR prove it’s transparent
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  5. CaptainFantastic
    I agree. In this hobby we cannot say that something that costs 1500 eur is 50% better in terms of sound quality than something that costs 1000 eur, or 10% or 5%. It could be at the same level of SQ, worse, it could be just the brand name, marketing strategy, that makes it more expensive, etc. There is no official measurement system deciding prices (like say the speed of PC graphic cards = price level). If there would be something, based on measurements the ADI-2 is somewhere at the top based on the list that was posted above. Also above, someone made the point that the ADI-2 was made by RME for the pro market where price inflation is much lower than in the audiophile market.
  6. Docharsha89
    Thanks :)
  7. Hellraiser86
    I have the Hugo2 and the ADI-2. both are great products and sound great.
    But both sound very different to me. The RME f.e. sounds cleaner more reference like. The Hugo in comparison more musical.
    Hugo has also a punchier sound but on the other side more background noise with sensitive InEars.
    In fact they are so different that I kept them both for different listening purposes.
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  8. OctavianH
    Anyone using RME ADI-2 DAC with a linear power supply? Any differences?
  9. chrisdrop
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  10. WolfP
    Hi all, I currently use a Violectric V220 amplifier. Anyone can tell me how is the RME headphone amplifier compared to Violectric? Is the sound quality good enough?

    Also...I use Grado GH2 headphones, what EQ curves could I use?
  11. PointyFox
    Well for one transformer hum won't be audible on the RME as it is on the Violectric. The RME also has dozens of features while the Violectric just amplifies. The sound quality of the RME far exceeds where humans would be capable of discerning as a difference. You can use any EQ curve you want.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
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  12. Tennessee
    Absolute best I ever heard with my Harbeth SHL5+ was Audiobyte Black Dragon DAC - presentation and 3D starting from 1 cm before your nose and ending well beyond front wall and ceiling, every instrument perfectly placed and separated...
    Adi 2 plays good but the presentation is thin and ONLY on the speaker line, so nowhere near interesting. Separation and positioning is very average compared to Gungnir MB or Black Dragon.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2019
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  13. maszynista1987
    Balance cable for Diana Abyss :)
    RME is very good!

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  14. Leviathant
    Would you say that you can hear much difference between the two in terms of IEM listening in general? Like, do you find Hugo2 detracts from the music more than the ‘inky-black’ background in the ADI-2? Or is it negligible?

    I’ve got a Hugo2 currently (briefly had a ADI-2 before but didn’t have my IEMs then)... but almost feel I don’t need it for just IEMs.

    Got me thinking whether I could sell the Hugo2 and replace with an ADI-2 again and use the residual funds for something else (new headphones etc). This would be on the proviso that chasing the black background is worth it.

    Third option is I have neither the Hugo2 nor ADI-2 and just use the IEMs with my portable setup (NW-ZX2). Hmm..
  15. oqvist
    I am curious if anyone here has the d7200 and played with eq? Dont know how valid its with driver variation byt would be fun to try.
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