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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. mixman
    The RME can power either one well. Tonally since it is brighter than the THX, I would say it sounds better with the Verite than the Empy. The THX makes the best of both of their soundstages, since the RME soundstage is relatively flat.
  2. 36aMAN
    hey guys.

    does anyone compere RME ADI-2 DAC with Chord Qutest or Hugo 2 ?

    i have NFB-11.28 and i wan't to buy my endgame Dac and i have THX 789 in the way and idk what should i buy Chord Qutest or Hugo 2 or Adi-2 dac.

    what i need is natural sound with great separation and flat response and not loosing anything in the song.

    the features in ADI-2 dac is the best but what about the main reason for me " the sound " ?

    my headphones is LCD-X and HD6XX and AKG K7XX and my eyes on HD800S.

    so what do you think guys ?

    and thank you for the help i really appreciate that.
  3. adeseaso
    Both are great but sound different. Thus I think you simply have to demo yourself if you want to make sure you're making the right decision for you.
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  4. mixman
    My thought is if I want a Chord upgrade to my RME, I will move to the TT2 at least.
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  5. 36aMAN
    the problem that i have is i can't demo anything because in my country we have none of that, so i have to buy it and then try it.

    and i wan't someone who did try them and got some thoughts.

    you mean that qutest and hugo 2 not better then adi-2 and not even worth more money ?

    i'm talking about sound quality
  6. mixman
    Not a Chord expert, but why get a Hugo 2 with the Qutest? The Hugo is more known for its DAC, than it’s amp. Just get the Hugo if that’s the case. If you are doing a Hugo and Qutest just save and get a TT2.
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  7. 36aMAN
    you got me wrong i mean qutest or hugo 2 not the two togather.

    if you think about it why two when they are the same but the Qutest without amp and Bluetooth.
  8. mixman
    Yeah that's what I was trying to say. Some here I believe have owned both the Hugo and RME, maybe they will chime in.
  9. Hellraiser86
    I have the RME (the Pro Version) and the Hugo 2. I never heard the Qutest but some mentioned it sounds like the Hugo 2 but has no Amp stage.
    But back to what I can compare :)
    As for the DAC inside the both I prefer the ADI. It sounds more referent to me and I mostly use it for mastering work. It is a bit more balanced than the Chord. But the Hugo has more Punch and makes more fun to listen with it’s internal amp. The RME is already very good for a combo device but it sounds best in combination with a great external amp (for example like the Phonitor or V281).
    In my opinion, both are very good and I can’t say anything bad.
    But you have to consider that you can get the HiFi RME ADI DAC just for about 1k (in Germany) and the Hugo costs about 2.2K if bought new. In the end it’s also a question if you want just a single device (and no upgrade with external amps) just pick the Hugo. Otherwise buy the ADI and a big amp :wink:
  10. 36aMAN
    can the "more Punch and more fun" be in ADI-2 with his great EQ ?

    actually i have THX 789 amp in the way so i'm gonna add it to the Dac after i bought it.

    what about the separation instruments ?

    and i will buy the ADI-2 dac from RME shop for around 965$.

    btw i'm ok with two device but not big device :D.

    thank you for the help.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
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  11. Hellraiser86
    If you add an external amp I you can get the fun factor too. I never heard the 789 but many people praise it. And if the reviews are correct I would guess the pairing should be great.
    Soundstage wise the Hugo has a bit more depth but in terms of separation there are no big differences to me when used without crosstalk or extras. But the Hugo has definitely the best Crosstalk I have ever heard.
    If I were you I would go for the RME because of the big price difference and the fact, that you would use an external amp :wink:
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  12. CaptainFantastic
    I don't know about this... there are several posts about it from May/June above. Some say yes, it makes a difference, others say it doesn't really. Don't forget that the 789 is supposed to be clean, neutral, so it won't add any character, just provide more power. So if your headphones need more power than the ADI-2 provides in high-power mode (Hifiman Susvara?) there might be a reason to go for the 789, otherwise, for what seems to be like marginal improvement at best, why add a box and more cables to an already great setup?

    Disclosure - I did not try the 789, but based on some posts here I tried the Gilmore Lite Mk2 with the ADI-2. Wasn't for me. I prefer the ADI-2 amp.
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  13. lentoviolento
    i have the rme driving a zmf atticus. by the next week i will try it with some audezes etc
    the only benefit you get by buying a powerful amp is that you can drive the usual suspects (he6, susvara etc).
    rme amp section is as good as any hi end SS , with the benefit of digital volume and remote in a box that is very tiny costing 995.
    not a fan of chord as i think that their price tags are doped and even the design suck lol, mojo was cute though but still.. doesn't worth 490euros imho.
    also, i always read here on headfi as in other forums about people using top dollar equipment to drive headphones that would need a dfr at max..
    if you want to really find something slightly different (different not better) try some otl amp, or get some kick ass headphone.
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  14. Mr B1
    To me, the RME headphone out sounds pretty flat, lifeless, dry, boring .. So I wouldn't run it without an amp now - unless you're after portability. It's not that the RME is bad.. but the 'lifeless' thing just kills the reason why I listen to music in the first place. Anyway, I also started out with just the RME but found amping to make quite the difference.

    On the Gilmore - I didn't like the Gilmore mk2 enough and sold it - yet to me it sounded better than the RME. The Gilmore has a somewhat dark sound character, so it doesn't go with all headphones (Aeon Flow Closed, yes - Aeon Open or LCD2C, no)...just mind the pairing with the headphone by itself.

    Just to be sure, I did a quick A/B/C listening with Ether 2 and Verum 1 headphone on RME vs tube amp vs Violectric, and the differences are pretty consistent: with both amps voices comes alive, have the magic that keeps me listening and sound more natural. Everything is more lively. Bass is more defined and textured. Less metalic harshness in hi hats. Detail remains about the same. There's quite a bit more depth / space around voices and instruments. The background is also blacker...
  15. lentoviolento
    It is so true that in this hobby you have to try. It is the only way.
    For example, i found the ether 2 lifeless comparing to aeolus at half the cost.. Also i had vio 200 and sold it because it was the most soft amp i had, and with an unbalanced source was pretty useless..
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