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Rhapsodio thread

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  1. flinkenick
    Rhapsodio is a small boutique company based in Hong Kong, headed by one man: Sammy. A craftsman not only passionate about the beauty of music, but in search of technical excellence. For the last 3 years Rhapsodio remained in relative obscurity with models as the RD3 and RTi1; having a small but loyal fanbase. With the 10 BA Solar, Rhapsodio launched their first attack on the TOTL segment, gently putting their foot in the door. But Sammy always claimed Rhapsodio’s specialty was dynamic drivers, and aimed for the top of that market with the RTi1 and double dynamic driver RTi2. But it was with the recent release of the Galaxy that he fulfilled that promise.
    Besides universal and custom monitors using both balanced armatures, dynamic drivers or a hybrid configuration, Sammy also designs high quality cables. Cables with different alloys (copper, silver or silver/gold) will become available in three segments: the lower segment ‘Pandora’ (SPC, Copper Litz, OCC copper) , middle segment ‘RSD’ (OCC Copper, Silver Litz, ‘2.98’ Silver-Gold, ‘Golden’ Silver-Gold & SPC hybrid), or the top segment ‘Wizard’ (currently only the OCC copper available as flagship). 
    The ascension has begun, and slowly the community is becoming familiar with Rhapsodio -  a force to be reckoned with.
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  2. proedros
    @flinkenick , i think you should put the link to the previous Rhapsodio thread for those new here who want to see what the fuss is all about , regarding solar/galaxy 

    and subscribed [​IMG] 
  3. lurk
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  4. xtr4
    If only my country's weak currency didn't hold me back, I would've jumped on the Solar bandwagon.
  5. jmills8
    Yours? Looking good and I love that case.
  6. flinkenick
    Impressions of the RSD Golden, Wizard OCC copper and Pandora copper litz cables coming next week.
  7. flinkenick
    lurk Is that a Solar with Silver Litz?
  8. PinkyPowers
    This is the beginning of the second week Rhapsodio has had my molds. Sammy's not very communicative, so I'm not sure how long they'll take, or even if they've begun work on my order yet. Not that I expected them done by now, or anything. I'm just excited, and so looking forward to trying my Solars. :D
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  9. RebeccaSugar
    I have an inner struggle.

    To go custom, or not to go custom...

    How's the isolation and fit on the Uni?
  10. Cagin
    I've just had a PM discusion about it but not regarding the Rhapsodio Solar customs, but with my Empire Zeus. If you want I can copy paste PM it to you. It's about custom vs univ form factor only. Contains nothing about the sound signature or etc...
  11. lurk
    it's stronger now than last year end, can consider now
    nope, its the stock solar cable
  12. RebeccaSugar

    Go right ahead! I'm all ears.
  13. ezekiel77
    He responds a lot faster through Facebook messenger. Like... seconds.
  14. ezekiel77
    Agree with Lurk. Over the weekend it was USD1 to RM4.06. Best in 4 months! And if you get universal you save a bit too. Just don't get too tempted by the gold flakes.
    Dem gold flakes are like a Rhapsodio trademark.
  15. ezekiel77
    Solar, the 10BA masterpiece.
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