1. Lonelyers

    Rhapsodio - An overlooked brand of nice IEMs

    EDIT: Review removed. There are things I have learnt since opening the post, and now I see the products a bit differently. Since I had high praises for Rhapsodio's products, it might not be fair / reasonable for me to voice a vastly different view at this stage. Therefore, I choose to remain...
  2. flinkenick

    Rhapsodio thread

    Rhapsodio is a small boutique company based in Hong Kong, headed by one man: Sammy. A craftsman not only passionate about the beauty of music, but in search of technical excellence. For the last 3 years Rhapsodio remained in relative obscurity with models as the RD3 and RTi1; having a small but...
  3. Rhapsodio RDB Mk.IV

    Rhapsodio RDB Mk.IV

    Rhapsodio RDB Mk.IV - Hybrid (1xDD + 4xBA)