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    Working ...
    Listening to music, reading ...
    Collecting fountain pens
    Headphone Inventory:
    1964|ADEL A12
    1964 V6-Stage
    Audio-Technica CK100Pro
    Audio-Technica CKR10
    EarWerkz Supra
    FAD Heaven S
    final E2000
    final E3000
    Hifiman RE-00
    NuForce EDC
    Oriolus 2nd Gen JP
    Rhines Stage 5
    Shozy BK
    Shozy Cygnus
    Shozy Cygnus Silver Limited
    Shozy DIY Earbuds
    Shozy Hikari (w/ AAW Capri)
    Shozy Star 1
    Shozy Star 2
    Shozy Zero
    TFZ Series 5
    Trinity Hyperion
    Trinity Vyrus
    VE Asura 2.0
    VE Asura 2.0s
    VE Duke (Balanced)
    VE Duke Plus (Balanced)
    VE Monk Plus (Makka > Candy > Balanced > iOS Purple and OG Monk)
    VE Monk IE (Biggie and Smalls)
    VE ZEN 2.0 (Balanced)
    Awaiting Noble Kaiser 10 Universal
    Awaiting Trinity Phantom Air
    Awaiting Trinity Phantom Master 6

    AKG K7XX
    Audio-technica A900X LTD
    Audio-technica AD2000X
    Beyerdynamic DT1350 Gold
    E-MU Purpleheart
    Fostex T20RP mk3n
    Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart
    Panasonic RP-HD10
    Sennheiser HD 6XX (Balanced)
    Stax SR-507
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Grace Design m9xx
    Stax SRM-323S
    WooAudio WA7 Fireflies

    ADL X1
    Cozoy Astrapi
    Elekit TU-HP02
    Fiio E12DIY
    Leckerton UHA-6S MKII
    Shozy Magic
    Shozy PX-1anv
    VE Runabout 2.0
    VE Runabout 2.0b
    VentureCraft Go-Dap BXD
    VentureCraft SounDroid VANTAM Red Shoulder
    xDuoo XD-05 DAC/AMP
    Source Inventory:
    Aune M1s
    Colorfly c200
    HUM Pervasion
    Fiio X5
    iPod Classic
    Opus thebit #01
    Sansa Clip Zip
    Shanling M2s
    Shozy Alien / Alien Gold
    Shozy Alien+
    QLS QA360LE
    Awaiting Geek Wave 64 and XD128 Ultimate (how to refund these?)
    Music Preferences:
    Classical; English Oldies; Japanese Anime and Games Songs
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