Reviews + impressions thread: Final Audio Design Pandora Hope VI (interesting dynamic + BA full size headphones)
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Hi all, this has been a very thread to follow. I am current trying to decide between the Sonorous VI and the Fostex TH610. Unfortunately I can’t get to demo either headphone. Has anyone compared the two? At the moment (here in Australia) the Sonorous VI are $799 and the TH610’s are $699. For reference I currently have the Hifiman HE4XX and Sony MDR-Z7M2 (I sold my Oppo PM3’s to fund these at a great price). I like the 4XX for the acoustic/old school rock/classical and the Z7M2 for that bass hit or when I just want something low volume and unobtrusive on in the background.
I am after a closed back, with a bit more detail and a bit more ‘tidy’ and less I s’pose veiled then the Sony’s (I liken them to listening to Jim’s Hendrix through a tube amp). Any thoughts would be most welcome. And for info, the same store has Focal Elegia (with bundled Dragonfly Red) for $999.
I know this may be late...but I owned the Denon 5200s, which were a version of the Fostexs. I know the Denons are better than the Fostex 610s. At the same time tho, I know that the Sonorous VI beats the 5200. Better clarity and SQ..and thats saying alot, because the 5200s are critically good for their price and has excellent sq.
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I've recently purchased a set of the Hope/Sonorous IV's and while I've been enjoying them quite a bit, I feel like I'm catching a hint of crackle/peaking at the at the high end. It doesn't happen on every song and is barely noticeable, however I am noticing it and makes me wonder if the rest of the headphone is performing as it should be. I'm running Spotify > Modi 3 > Splitter to PYST > Magni Heresy (low gain) > step up > cans.

Could this have something to do with the balanced armature driver? As much as I'd like to think it's my new headphones picking up imperfection in recording, surely that's not the case for all these different songs! I'm coming from a pair of ATH M50x which did not have this issue.
I'm thinking I might have to take the 1.5h run out to where I got them from and see if I can audition another pair to see if it's working as intended.

Appreciate any input!
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I love reading these comments - my Pandora Hope VI HPs were the first proper hifi phones I bought and they still sound great in comparison to the more expensive phones I've bought since. I haven't listened to them for a while now, however, and am thinking of putting them up for sale along with some others that don't get used anymore - BW P7s and possibly ZMF Eikons - the time might be coming to clear the decks a bit. Would make me sad as they have a special place in my heart.
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I enjoy so much my Pandora Hope VI through Shanling M6 pro🤩
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Good luck bro...these cans are the Goldilocks zone of Final Audio cans, in price, sound and build quality. When they first debut, they weren't cheap then, but to me, were of higher quality than their $1k price tag
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I'm trying to get back the tight fast sound that I loved about the original Pandora VI. Long story short: is any (EU) Pandora VI owner up for trading for my newer Sonorous VI?
You just got a badly tuned Pandora VI earpiece. One person was comparing 4 different headphones Pandora VI and they sounded different. My copy has a massive fast sound. I've never heard anything better. It sounds better than the Quad Era-1. It makes me want to dance all the time). Era-1 sounds boring compared to Pandora.
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Badly tuned in any way I doubt. Except for the amp my chain was different back then, and after some testing last week I'm certain that plays a significant part.

So you're saying someone compared 4 of them. Do you know if they were Pandora or Sonorous and if they all had the same earpads? B-type is a must for my taste.
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Bought these ear cushions for Denon D7100
The sound is not as crisp, the stage is a little farther away, the sound is not as sweet as with the native ear muffs. Still looking for ear cushions that sound like the native ear cushions.
And these ear cushions sound like the original ones, but with a wider stage. There's no pressure on your ears. But they're hard to put on, they're just not made for these headphones. Accidentally found them on the shelf.
Cheap balanced cable (the main thing is it has connectors that are so thin that they fit our headphones), didn't notice any difference in sound.
But the 2.5 outputs sound better than the 3.5 outputs.


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I’m listening Pandora Hope VI (stock SE cable) with L&P W2, sounds very well but I’d try a balanced cable… any suggestions?
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Copy of my last year message : ¨At the level of the d8000 price, but if you want a balanced cable you have the Meze Audio 2,5mm cable, it was 50% off at 49€, and it´s worth it ! ¨ don´t know if today you can find it in promo, but even though it´s a good choice, I only use this one.
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Thank you but I need 4.4 cable and maybe better than stock
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I still love my Pandora VI and I owned and sold higher cans because I felt in IEMs world.
Today I tried again my Final and still love how it sounds.
I love hope VI lively sound and it’s so easy to drive with my daps… 🥰

Any suggestion for similar tuning but better quality?

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