1. Jawed

    HiFi Headphones UK dem - Dita, Final, Sennheiser, Shure

    Yesterday I visited HiFi Headphones at their office in Lancing on the south coast near Brighton, for a very useful demo. They were all very friendly and I had the full use of the dem room for around 6 hours, which was very generous. I took along my Sennheiser HD650s both to keep me amused on...
  2. sonickarma

    Final Audio Design - Heaven VIII -FI-HE8BSS- Impressions

    New thread for  -  Final Audio Design - Heaven VIII -FI-HE8BSS- Impressions   70,200円      
  3. ssrock64

    Every Top-End Product of Every Headphone and IEM Brand Currently In Existence (Current Noncurrent List)

    LAST UPDATE: 7/31/2012   Hello all. A couple of months ago I started on a little project. I wanted to list the most expensive headphone or IEM sold by every such brand right now. Below is the result, but first, the rules:   I took into account only headphones that had no fold-out...
  4. ericp10

    Reviews + impressions thread: Final Audio Design Pandora Hope VI (interesting dynamic + BA full size headphones)

    [Mod Edit: The owner of this thread has been changed.]
  5. elton7033


    SOLD thank you very much             Although they have decided not to sale this product due to various reason, this is one of the 5 prototype directly from Final Audio, this is the one they show people in Fujiya Avic Headphone Fest sometime ago. As I notice Jaben Network Singapore/ DMA...
  6. DefQon

    Best closed headphone for electronic based music

    Hey all....   Posted this a long time ago in the non-summit fi section but was told I'd get a better response in the summit-fi section.   What is the best closed form factor headphone one could buy that is excellent for electronic based music, my budget is $2k, and please no Denon and...
  7. bmichels

    Looking for very good audiophile CLOSED "non leaking" headphone

    One question gentlemen:  Besides my "open headphone", I need to buy a closed headphone, just because sometimes I can not afford to have sound leaking to (or from) outside.     So.. I am looking for a very-high-quality Audiophile headphone with large soundstage and musicality close to an open...
  8. Supreme-Magnum

    The best headphones i can buy! ( money is no issue)

    as the tile says, i listen a lot to (dubstep+DnB-40%-+Trance+House+Glitch+Bass+Classical music 50%) and i game 50% of the time + listen to music 50% !
  9. Final Audio Design Muramasa VIII

    Final Audio Design Muramasa VIII

    The first full-sized headphones from Final Audio Design. Constructed out of solid stainless steel and weighing 850g, the Muramasa VIII is a monolithic showpiece that is just as much a work of functional art as it is a listening device. On the inside it employs two-way dynamic drivers with a...