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Reviews + impressions thread: Final Audio Design Pandora Hope VI (interesting dynamic + BA full size headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ericp10, Dec 26, 2013.
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  1. ericp10
    [Mod Edit: The owner of this thread has been changed.]
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  2. davidmolliere
    I have enjoyed them over a week now 3/4 hours a day, I am so enthralled by the sound quality of the PHVI although the comfort is clearly an issue they are such a step up my previous headphones that I totally forget about it. There is something about how they're tuned that just connects with me and make me "forget about them" in a way, it's just me and the music and the world fades away. Those are the first headphones that elicit such level of emotion for me. Final Audio has captured my attention there in a big way (I disregarded their IEM based on specs but this needs revisiting for sure).
    Note that I am still a beginner in headfiers term, I don't have point of references to compare them to, this makes your review quite interesting to me, thanks!
    Side note : one thing I can warn about is how fragile the hexagonal box "hinges" are, one of those broke after three times opening closing the box, and I am very meticulous with my gear as in obsessive about taking care of it. Beware. 
  3. ostewart
    Yep same happened to the box I had.

    Yes final audio design always tune their headphones and IEM's to have emotion. As stated in previous FAD reviews I've done, they are not necessarily the most technically proficient headphones, but the lush sound full of emotion and also natural timbre is so inviting.

    They really do sound great with the right source and genre of music. I did find the lows to big a little too thick and slow, maybe a tad less quantity and tighter sound would have been better, but as is, the sound is a pleasure to listen to.

    Comfort can be fixed by raising the pads stated in the review, but its not a permanent solution.
  4. akarise
    Thanks for the review! Those comfort issues do worry me... Would you consider your ears to be quite average in size and how far they stick out?
  5. davidmolliere
    As far as I am concerned, I don't have huge ears but above average and they do fit (just) but that's not the main issue for comfort which ear you ear touching the driver and I don't think having smaller ears will fix it (adding padding can help as ostewart suggested).
    I can't understand how they could overlook such a design flaw, while being so thourough on making a perfect product otherwise. Maybe they will fix that with a mkII, or Hope IV (with apparently a very different design)...VIII, X (as there seems to be other on the way - from NL website : https://www.finalaudio.nl/en/products.html)
  6. ostewart
    I have very average if not small ears. Luckily comfort can be fixed with simple mods usually.
  7. burdie
    I just received it, now testing it with iBasso DX50. Would like to find out so far anyone proceed to custom made better(?) cable for it? The normal mono 3.5mm plug cannot fully fit into the connector on headphone side, due to the locking part. Wonder any place can get this special plug with locking. 
  8. ostewart
    You could make one fairly easily I should think.

    I understand your problem with the locking system, you'd have to use these:

    But even without the housing on the jack they may not fit. In which case, you may have to get a dremel and grind down the plastic on the hpousiong, which I dont see anyone doing considering the cost of the headphones.

    I was looking for these in mono, then it would work:
  9. burdie
    Thanks for the advice. Ya, too expensive to grind it, may be do it after warranty. In fact the repair headphone plug might work after roughly measure it,stereo plug should work just don't connect the 'ring' connector. In fact I order neutrik rean stereo plug, seems like it is too big for it.
  10. burdie
    I found slim type trs 3.5mm plug that might work, please refer to the following link at ebay
    it is similar in shape to the stock connector but without the locking mechanism. Hopefully the extended ring without locking mechanism can perfectly fit into the headphone connector.
  11. ostewart
    Yeah stereo will work, just remember to only connect tip and ground.

    The ones without any housing will work best as they are the slimmest. Also heatshrink (adhesive lined) will make it strong.
  12. f5t5s
    Got mine today...
    What could have been a 5min decision turned into an hour of wondering because of the aforementioned fit issue.

    Interestingly they seemed to have spent quite a bit of time on designing the pad:
    I have no idea about design/engineering but maybe it has to do with the weight of the cans and clamping force when using thicker pad
    (But really, I have no idea)

    Anyway, I have nothing technical to add, but for those considering these for portable use,
    You really need to go try them first, not just for the fit, but you might want to look at a mirror when you put them on:
    They are going to look HUGE when you put them on because of the design.
  13. ostewart
    How do you find the fit and comfort?

    Yes they look huge when on, not really the most portable friendly.
  14. f5t5s
    So far I've decided comfort is not really an issue.
    The fit will take a bit more time to figure out, still sliding them up down to figure out how to get the most secure fit.

    If the iv sounds anything like vi, then that might be the real winner (as far as portable closed cans go)
  15. davidmolliere
    I am also eager to see what the IV will be like in terms of weight, and if it will keep the same hybrid design, then the X also makes me curious... will they one day build an open back is an interesting question :) In the meantime the VI are just bliss to my ears even if these days I am hypnotized by the SE846 IEM...
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