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Review: Small $150-$200 street price earphone test group - Custom 3, CK10, RE252, TF10, OK1

  1. sk3383
    Really appreciate the graph!! Great work!!
  2. mvw2
    Woohoo, my Westone UM3X just arrived in the mail. [​IMG] I do love these earphones and have regretted selling them about a year ago. I'll probably revise the EQ graph once I settle on a setting. It'll probably be a little different then what's up there.
  3. Young Spade
    Very nice comparison and kudos for the chart at the end [​IMG]
    I read the whole thing and definitely agreed on you on more than one point concerning the Triples.

    EDIT: Just saw that you got the UM3Xs... and I can't wait to see what you have to say about them. I got mine.... maybe 3 weeks ago? They get at least 3 hours of playtime a day [​IMG]
  4. jaibautista
    Thanks for the impressive review! Now, if there's only a pair of CK10s available for auditioning here in our place...

    And about the UM3Xs, yup, they're a beast. Though I've only auditioned it for quite a short time, I enjoyed every moment with the IEM in my ear. I'll be sure getting a pair once Westone releases a detachable version of the venerable IEM in May.
  5. Nachash
    So, which one reveals more micro-details in your opinion? the most analytical one.
  6. Young Spade
    They have the same drivers right? Just tuned differently? Granted the detail of the UM3X is very real and all there but it's a little more laid back so you have to listen for it. The W3 has energy in the upper region so the details stand out more. 
    But for the term analytical I'd go for the UM3Xs. 
  7. Nachash


    They need an amp? way too expensive for me right now, i was planning to spend 200-250$ max.
  8. Young Spade
    Nope. However from experience the UM3Xs sound a lot better with the LO of the T51 and ALO Rx driving them. Of course that's an extra 300 for the amp :/
  9. mvw2
    I've owned the UM3X twice and I've sold the UM3X twice.  It unfortunately suffers from a critical flaw.  It simply lacks a sense of realism.  The sound just isn't lifelike.  In the end, I would prefer to own the RE252 or CK10 over the UM3X despite the UM3X doing certain things better.  In the end, I just sold the UM3X because I value a life-like sound.  In terms of this value, the CK10 is the best.
  10. Young Spade


    Interesting take on it man..... another member a while back made the comment that when using the phones he heard each "part" of the music unlike other phones when he heard the music as a "whole". The instrument separation on those phones are amazing (I had them a while back) and I loved listening to classical and acoustic... any live music with them... but thinking back on it I did more analyzing then actually "listening" to the music. 
    I get a lot more emotional now listening to the K702s.... about every other time I listen to them I get chills or thrown into some euphoric rush.... the UM3Xs just didn't do that for me. 

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