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Nov 17, 2019
Apr 21, 2008
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Graduate Student * Audio Dreamer while awake

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100+ Head-Fier

jaibautista was last seen:
Nov 17, 2019
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    Graduate Student * Audio Dreamer while awake
    Headphone Inventory:
    [currently being used - IEM/HP] Westone UM3X RC, Audio Technica ATH-M50
    [currently being shelved] Shure SCL2
    [jettisoned] Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro (Westone ES2-cabled), Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 2, Sennheiser CX300,
    Apple stock earbuds (was given away immediately after opening the iPod box)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    [currently being used] Go-Vibe Derringer
    Source Inventory:
    [currently being used] iPod Classic 6th Gen 80GB, iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB
    Cable Inventory:
    Westone ES2 Cables


    [IEMs/Earphones] Sony WF-1000XM3, FlipEars Axl (10BA CIEM), FlipEars A-Z (5BA CIEM), Campfire Audio Lyra 2, Sony MDR-EX800ST, Final Audio E2000, Co-Donguri Brass (balanced 4.4mm), Kanzenoka Sawarna, Kanzenoka Yin Yang 1.3 (balanced 4.4mm/single ended) [Previously: Sennheiser CX300, Shure SCL2, Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 2, Ultimate Ears TF10 Pro, Westone UM3X RC, Audio Technica ATH-IM70, Westone UM30 Pro Gen.2, Co-Donguri Ocharaku, Etymotic Research ER4PT, FlipEars XXX/Aisha]
    [Headphones] Sony MDR-Z7M2, Sony MDR-1AM2, Sony MDR-CD900ST CE-02, Sony MDR-1000X, Sony MDR-SA3000, Sony WH-1000XM3, Sony MDR-1000X, HifiMan HE4xx, Beyerdynamic DT150, Sennheiser HD600, Sennheiser PX 80 "Phoenix" (c/o Cypherus Audio) [Previously: Audio Technica ATH-M50, HifiMan HE-400i, Focal Elear, Audio Technica ATH-R70x, Sony MDR-7520, Grado RS2e, Fostex T50RP Mk3, MrSpeakers Ether O, AKG K812]
    [DAP] Sony NW-WM1A [Previously: iBasso DX90, Sony PCM-D100]
    [DAC/Amp] Rupert Neve Designs RNHP amp, CypherLabs Duet, Steinberg UR22 Mk2 [Previously: Chord Hugo1, Korg DS-DAC-100, Lake People G109A, Violectric V181, Woo Audio WA3]
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