1. nangryo

    Mini review of Govibe Vulcan+ The Versatile Headamp with Hardware EQ! + the Mod!

    I'm sorry if the review is not adequate. So that's why I called them mini review. This is purely my impression, so forgive me if there's a lot of miss spoken word in my review   Not to be mistaken with Govibe Vulcan that has DAC and Amp, Vulcan+ only is an amp only unit, and also more...
  2. phil2yoo

    Blox M2C compared to Blox TM5, Yuin OK1, PK1, etc etc

    As the title says, how do the Blox M2C's compare to the HIGHLY regarded TM5s and the Yuin OK and PK series? Are they comfortable? How do they sound? I don't expect much isolation, but is there some?
  3. Jamesdeandoa

    Yuin ok1 and my portable options

    hey guys, So I am excited about my new yuin ok1 to arrive in the mail, these earphones will be my portable option.  For a portable amp I have a d2 boa or a d12 anaconda to choose from.  Are these buds going to benefit from these portable units power or are they lacking?
  4. kostalex

    MX75 foams - recommended for PK1, PK2 and other earbuds

    Many of us here use PK1, PK2, ATH-CM700 or some other good earbuds. The earbuds sound and comfort are very dependable on the foams used. I found a very nice set of cushions for Sennheiser MX75 available at Sennheiser USA online store. Set include 4 grey foams with smaller pores than those of...
  5. wind016

    What are the best earbuds available? Better than Yuin PK1?

    What are the best earbuds available today that rival or beat the Yuin PK1s? I have a pair of Yuin PK1s for a couple years and had a pair of Yuin OK1s. Now I'm wondering what's new in the earbud market?
  6. kostalex

    Yuin OK2 review and comparisons to PK2, CM700, PK1 and OK1

    *** You may see other good earbuds in my Earbuds buyers guide. Review notes Upside-down review: I start from pics and conclusions, followed by all the details. Comparison-based review: Rather than describing Yuin OK2 standalone, I compare it to other earbuds, mostly to Yuin PK2. Also I...
  7. jma790

    Yuin OK1’s, review and comparisons – Vs. Triple.Fi 10 Pro’s

    Hi friends, here is a little but pretty nice review that I hope you enjoy reading. I will be reviewing the Yuin OK1 earbuds, made by Yuin of China. I will first review them standalone, and then I will do some comparisons against any other headphone that I’ll cross with ; for now, it will be...
  8. shureThing

    Help Rig Building. Budget: $1000

    I'm not exactly sure that this is right section to post this, but here it goes anyway...   I'm looking to build a rig under $1000.   To give you an idea of my music tastes, I like listening to hip hop, rnb, rap, metal, and most of billboard. I enjoy a nice punchy bass, e.g. I liked the...
  9. punkinhead

    Girlfriend vacuumed up my OK1's, need repair suggestion's

    Hey everyone,  the vacuum sucked up the OK1's, breaking the wires about 15" from the plug.  The plastic is still intact, but you can tell the wires have been pulled apart.  What is the best way to repair them.??  My main concern is to be able to maintain the sound quality.      Thanks...
  10. DogMeat

    Any Thoughts on Jays?

    I've read a bit about them, never had a listen.   And I wonder what anybody who's heard them thinks, and t's vs. q's?   Kind of wandering around in IE land, trying to decide on some things.     Any experiences are welcome.
  11. mrarroyo

    Leckerton Audio Slimline UHA-4

    It has been a while since I sat down to write some impressions her at Head Fi,  however the opportunity presented itself and herein are my thoughts. Thanks for reading.     I have had the Slimline UHA-4 unit in my possession for about two months. It has been used as both a USB DAC/Amp...
  12. mvw2

    For those of you who ever even remotely contemplated the RE-252...

    Buy them.   Right now I have a pile of earphones sitting on my desk as I very slowly and not so diligently amass a big review for all of them. (thread elsewhere but not important till I actually finish it up)  I've used a number of other earphones along with the RE-252 in the past as well...
  13. t0dy

    Open earbud handsfree for iPhone

    Hi everybody!   Been a while since I was last active (those SE530 with Mustang P-51 really do work in almost any situation :)   Anyway, my dad asked me which handsfree he should buy for his iPhone, and his criterias were:   1. Price: up to $200 2. earbuds, not headphones 3. they...
  14. swbf2cheater

    ***Earbud Guide - 22 Earbuds compared***

            ****Earbuds Guide****   A review and comparison of 22 earbuds      The Current contenders are:   The Sennheiser MX series ( 580, 880, 980) The Yuin Series ( Ok1, Pk1, Pk3 ) The Sunrise Charm The Final Audio Piano Forte II Blue Ever Blue 328R BeyerDynamic...
  15. ruasd

    Looking ipod like form earphones

    I have tried many headphones but none is attached to the ear like ipod ones, so im looking this earphones like form but with better quality       thanks
  16. swbf2cheater

    NEW REVIEW: Final Audio Piano Forte II

    (snipped from jaben forums )   Type: Dynamic Type Driver Monomer: 15.5 mmφ Sensitivity: 108dB/mW Resistance: 16Ω Length of Soft Cord: 1.4m Weight: 13g Model: Fl-DC1550M1-BR(Brown) FI-DC1550M1-BL(Blue)   $75-100US   A few weeks ago I was perusing the forums here on head fi when...
  17. mvw2

    (Finished!!!) Review Set: UM3X, e-Q7, RE262, Triple.Fi 10, RE252, CK100, RE-Zero, Custom 3, OK1, HJE900

    Yep, I said finished!  You heard right.  Everything's done.  In case you looked back a ways, pretty much everything's new since a week ago.  What was up previously was revised or reworked, so it's mostly new content.  Read, take a break, read, nap, read some more, and comment when you're...
  18. mvw2

    Top Tier Earphone Comparison - TF10, IE8, UM3X, SE530, OK1

    I've been testing out a few new earphones recently... I'll be updating my big freaking review thread (Linky) as I play with and work through these earphones. Teaser: Two key attributes - - UM3X : dynamics, understands the meaning of subtlety - TF10 : refinement, balance - IE8 : bass...
  19. mvw2

    The concept of sound stage - having it and having it right.

    I recently have been toying around with my IEMs with video.  My new phone came with the new Tron trailer, so I've been playing around with my earphones with this little video.  I don't typically use earphones for movie watching, so there have been a lot of aspects that I have not really looked...
  20. Hente

    Another "Help me choose!" thread

    Been using some $10 Sony earbuds for a while and I decided that I really want a step up. My price range is $100, I am going to be hooking them up to a 3rd gen iPod Nano, and hopefully a Cowon J3 + Pa2v2 in the future. I'd rather buy some IEMs, however headphones are fine too (if they are I don't...
  21. kostalex

    Yuin OK1 - review and comparisons.

    *** You may see other good earbuds in my Earbuds buyers guide. Introduction Thanks to Fang, who sent me the OK1 and OK2 samples for review. Sorry, I've not reviewed OK2 yet. Upside-down review: I start from pics, conclusions and preliminary reports (which may be updated later)...
  22. SteveE

    Replace my iPhone headphones for me - PLEASE !!!!!

    Newbie question coming up; I need to find a suitable replacement for my iPhone headphones as I've worn my way through 3 pairs and all had the same fault - the little grey rubber strip came away from the earpiece. My main problem is that I can't stand the in-ear canal types headphones so have...
  23. Br777

    deciphering amp headphone compatibility - how do you do it?

    Hi all, I am wondering if someone can give me the most basic instructions possible regarding how decipher matching an amp to headphones and vice versa in other words, various headphones are rated in things like ohms, resistance, milevolts or mileamps or milewatts.. (clearly i dont know what...
  24. mvw2

    Earphone Tuning - Yuin OK1 Earbud

    I've been toying around with my OK1 bud finding ways to tweak the sound without relying heavily on EQing.  I started applying some passive techniques to attempt better or different results from stock.   The OK1 is an interesting earbud.  It is Yuin's top model and an excellent sounding...
  25. jrazmar

    What's next after PK1, another earbud (TM5 or OK1 or MX980) or a new IEM (DBA-02, RE0, IE8)?

      I'm afraid my PK1 would die anytime soon because of split wire. Appreciate if anybody here who have owned/used/heard the PK1 and owned/used/heard one of these prospects. What I want from my PK1 is the big full sound it has and the rumbling, undistorted bass accompanied with the clear mids...