1. nangryo

    Mini review of Govibe Vulcan+ The Versatile Headamp with Hardware EQ! + the Mod!

    I'm sorry if the review is not adequate. So that's why I called them mini review. This is purely my impression, so forgive me if there's a lot of miss spoken word in my review   Not to be mistaken with Govibe Vulcan that has DAC and Amp, Vulcan+ only is an amp only unit, and also more...
  2. klfl

    FS/FT: Yuin OK1 Earphone/IEM shipping included

    Purchased several month ago from head direct. First owner, headphone in very good condition. 100% free of functional issue. However originally there were two pairs of in ear converters but one pair was lost. Comes with all other original accessories and box.   Asking $115, only paypal will...
  3. Jamesdeandoa

    Yuin OK1 owned for 1 month - excellent condition

    I want to trade these buds.  Excellent condition. I figure an even trade will yield better results for you and I then a sale with a steep depreciation for 1 month old phones.      I will trade for anything in the same $ price bracket or custom cables, or really whatever you got to trade!  ...
  4. HiFlight

    Recabled Yuin OK1

    I have for sale my Yuin OK1 that has been very neatly recabled with 5n silver cable.   There is no box or accessories as I received the headphone in exactly the same condition.   The only visible wear is a tiny nick in the shrink-wrap of the main cable.  It in no way affects the excellent...
  5. lovebell

    WTB:YUIN PK1 or OK1

    Bored of wearing IEMs, wanna pick up some decent earbuds for casual listening, if you have one of these and don't need , please throw me a PM, I can paypal and live in Canada. Thanks.
  6. swbf2cheater

    Yuin Ok1 with tips

    Looking for a used set in good condition with all the stock tips and foams
  7. alphaphoenix

    FS: Yuin OK1 silver recabled (price reduced)

    Yuin OK1 that has been recabled with silver cable by EFN. Cable length from tip to tip is approximately 40 inches. Sound improvement from the silver cables trumps the stock OK1 in every area. Bass is tight, mids much more detailed, and highs are clean - overall a much more balanced and neutral...
  8. pekingduck

    F/S: Mint Yuin OK1 [S-O-L-D]

    For sale is a pair of mint Yuin OK1. Bought last October from an authorized dealer in China.   They are in pristine condition. No marks, no scratch. The buds stay indoors all the time and are clean.   All packaging and accessories included except the foams shown in the picture (for...
  9. jrazmar

    Closed Thread

  10. phil2yoo

    Blox M2C compared to Blox TM5, Yuin OK1, PK1, etc etc

    As the title says, how do the Blox M2C's compare to the HIGHLY regarded TM5s and the Yuin OK and PK series? Are they comfortable? How do they sound? I don't expect much isolation, but is there some?
  11. Y

    Yuin OK1 FS or FT : Open for anything!

    I like my PK1 more, so these are up for sale. These are a little too neutral for me, it reminds me of er4, which I don't really like. Money is good, but I am willing to try anything I haven't tried yet. Please PM me with offers for trade. Any closed can, IEM, earbud, portable amps, etc. No open...
  12. smith

    Yuin OK1

    In very good condition and sounds great comes with the accessories (tips for IEM, rubber cover & outer ring) as shown in the pictures but no box.   Pm me if interested.
  13. emak212

    FS Yuin OK1

    Hello I'm selling my Yuin OK1s.  I'm asking $150 shipped and paypalled, firm.  Buyer will receive the earphones and various buds and tips, as seen in the picture.  I do not have the original box or the 3.5->6.35" adaptor.  These are however the best earbuds I have ever heard.  I have feedback on...
  14. jrazmar

    Yuin OK1

    Up for sale is my Yuin OK1. Good as new. I have been using it for a year after replacing my Yuin PK1. My J3 drives it very well. The sound that comes out of it with my chosen equalizer setting sounds excellent - airy, clear and full of impact. I still have to look for the original box and...
  15. mvw2

    Yuin OK1 Earbuds

    Introduction:   For sale is my Yuin Ok1 earbuds.  I've owned these for a very long time is my first high end head-fi product.  I have not been disappointed since.   I am selling them simply to minimize my collection.  I don't like to have what I don't use, and these simply do not get the...
  16. ckhirnigs113

    FS: Yuin OK1 Earphones *PRICE DROP*

    Hello Head-Fi,   I haven't been active at Head-Fi for a while, and that goes hand in hand with why I'm selling these excellent Yuin OK1 earphones. A few years back I was really into headphones and bought a number of things that I no longer use enough to justify keeping. One of these relics...
  17. ivanrocks321

    Yuin OK-1 (PRICE DROP)

    Selling my basically mint pair of OK-1 never really used it much cosmetically and functionally perfect.They mainly just sat there and did not get any use, still needs the burn in time. I have all original tips & box. Sale will include shipping for US and Canada plus paypla fees. These are very...
  18. trojan2900

    Yuin OK1 earphones

    I have a pair of Yuin OK1 earphones for sale. I bought them here a few weeks ago, and while I enjoy their sound signature, I can't keep them in my ears. Not a good fit for me, unfortunately. Included is the box, bag of new foam covers, a large array of tips, the adapter jack, and the 3 set of...
  19. Jamesdeandoa

    Yuin ok1 and my portable options

    hey guys, So I am excited about my new yuin ok1 to arrive in the mail, these earphones will be my portable option.  For a portable amp I have a d2 boa or a d12 anaconda to choose from.  Are these buds going to benefit from these portable units power or are they lacking?
  20. Hghuy

    Sennheiser mx980,yuin ok1 or trade for vintage earbud(mdr-e252,mdr-e262,mdr-e282,aiwa hp-d9,hp-v99,hp-v11,hp-v9)

    up for sale my yuin ok1.it is top of the line in yuin house!very good condition,all accessories included around 40hrs of listening-$140   mx-980 full accessories,around 50hrs of listening!-$110   prices inluding shipping CONUS,buyer cover paypal fee or gift option!thanks
  21. Hghuy

    yuin ok1 or trade for vintage earbud(mdr-e252,mdr-e262,mdr-e282,aiwa hp-d9,hp-v99,hp-v11,hp-v9)

    up for sale my yuin ok1.it is top of the line in yuin house!very good condition,all accessories included around 40hrs of listening-$140 :)
  22. kostalex

    MX75 foams - recommended for PK1, PK2 and other earbuds

    Many of us here use PK1, PK2, ATH-CM700 or some other good earbuds. The earbuds sound and comfort are very dependable on the foams used. I found a very nice set of cushions for Sennheiser MX75 available at Sennheiser USA online store. Set include 4 grey foams with smaller pores than those of...
  23. wind016

    What are the best earbuds available? Better than Yuin PK1?

    What are the best earbuds available today that rival or beat the Yuin PK1s? I have a pair of Yuin PK1s for a couple years and had a pair of Yuin OK1s. Now I'm wondering what's new in the earbud market?
  24. kostalex

    Yuin OK2 review and comparisons to PK2, CM700, PK1 and OK1

    *** You may see other good earbuds in my Earbuds buyers guide. Review notes Upside-down review: I start from pics and conclusions, followed by all the details. Comparison-based review: Rather than describing Yuin OK2 standalone, I compare it to other earbuds, mostly to Yuin PK2. Also I...
  25. jma790

    Yuin OK1’s, review and comparisons – Vs. Triple.Fi 10 Pro’s

    Hi friends, here is a little but pretty nice review that I hope you enjoy reading. I will be reviewing the Yuin OK1 earbuds, made by Yuin of China. I will first review them standalone, and then I will do some comparisons against any other headphone that I’ll cross with ; for now, it will be...