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Review - AGPTEK Lossless MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peddler, Apr 24, 2016.
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  1. Sulbh
    I just ordered it for 20 CAD from amazon Canada.I hope its not fake.
  2. funkymartyn
    Let us know how everything goes.....dont know what 20. Cad equals in pounds £
  3. ilmothedude
    20 CAD is about 13,68€ and about 10,77£ if Googles converter is right. That is very very cheap [​IMG]
  4. funkymartyn
    Agree, sounds wrong.. You pay more then that for a card.. Lol
  5. funkymartyn
    Do you think that this player can light up each time a new song is played, so you see what the details are....... or do have to press a button, volume , etc.. to find out ?
  6. Mython Contributor
    If the player lit-up its screen every time the next track begins, then the battery would go flat way too quickly, so I think it's very, very unlikely that it would light-up each time a new track begins.
  7. Sulbh
    Can anyone compare it with similar priced players like fiio x1 or xduoo x2 and x3?
  8. ilmothedude
    On imp, pressing power button lights up screen and nothing else will. Touch buttons are locked as screen goes off and you have to press power button to light up the screen and to use touch buttons. However, volume buttons work when screen is of but they won't light up the screen. I just wonder what's the use of actual lock button on touch panel when buttons lock when screen goes off.
  9. funkymartyn
    Not found any lock button yet ? .. yes iv sussed out what power button does.... and that the volume works independently
    on my sony mp3, you can set it to light up briefly each time a new teack starts, useful for seeing whats playing.....
    im still getting used to it...but up to now i like it...
  10. funkymartyn

    for the price of £60 + card....this is closer to the Fiio M3 , which is £50 + card..... i wouldnt count the Fiio X1, which is £90 +......
    And i bet this is better than the M3... Which i still may buy at a later date.
  11. funkymartyn
    One thing iv not sussed out is this one......Shutdown Mode in the settings menue, What does Saving Mode mean ?
  12. ilmothedude
    Next to EQ button on touch panel with lock symbol on it.
    I think Saving Mode means how long it will take device to automatically shutdown if music is not played. Sleep timer I haven't figured out yet, but I think it could be time how long music will be played after it shuts down.
  13. funkymartyn
    Lock mode.. Lol, never saw it. But to be honest once it times out its not that easy to alter anything anyway, without pressing th e power on , off, at the top. . Doubt ill use it...
    Yes sleep timer just turns itself off after a set time... I'll look into this saving time mode later.
    So far so good...
  14. funkymartyn
    Just put a load more cds onto the  imp , and going into the folders it says I have one more folder than I have put on the player ?.... it is called,  Volume Information ?.... but when you press it, .. it says nothing in this folder ?
  15. funkymartyn
    I have not got the lock symbol on the front of my player ?.. But as it times out and its not to easy to hit the top start, stop, button, its no big deal....

    You sure you have lock butt.?
    One thing I would like to do is play all of the albums, in the folders, without it stopping after each cd ?
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