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Review - AGPTEK Lossless MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peddler, Apr 24, 2016.
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  1. funkymartyn
    Well waiting for this to arrive from Amazon.. Not much info on this player, lets just hope its ok... Im going to fill up the micro sd card first before fitting it into the player... Get back to you after trying it out.
  2. davidcotton
    Any idea if this will take a 128 card?
  3. ilmothedude

    I don't have a clue. I'd like to try but then again I don't want to spent my money if it doesn't support it. I still think there's a possibility that it does support it.
  4. funkymartyn
    Arrived today with my 64gb card, . Dont know if the 128gb card will work., But im stickibg with the total 80gb. All in. .. Do for me for now, i can always get another 64gb card for £15.
    Unpacked the player, not easy, as the bottom lud which is glyed to base us not to secure.
    You must prise the top lud off...very tight.......... But once lid off, everything else easy, and snart. Quality for £60, . With nice gold, breaded usb lead, audio player soft bag....
    For now to try it out i just popped in a smaller 8gb card out of my sansa clip.. And with a bit of pressing buttons and the touch control buttons, i got there in the end.
    Just chose folder and touched play, and away we go..... all good.
    Tried with Grado sr 225 and sounds fine... then put aux cable from player headphone out into hifi aux abd played via the hifi set up, all good..... volume on headphones for now 25, and aux at 45, ( out of 50)
    So apart from a few small hic ups , im very happy. .... Get back to you later.....
    One thing i would like to buy would be a silicone tupe xase, cover, etc..... Any help, let me know.
  5. ilmothedude
    I'm glad you like IMP. Package is really handsome indeed and so is player. I don't think any cases or such are made (yet) but wouldn't mind one because of sharp corners. I think UI is pretty well done, but I've already e-mailed developer some improvement suggestions. But neverthless I like UI already very much. I'm tempted to buy and try 128gb card..
  6. funkymartyn
    Do you know much about this company. Like where are they based, i think they are assembled in China. And thats it ?....... I have a small camara soft case which fits pretty good.
    But i would still like a silicone type cover, giving access to front screen.
  7. funkymartyn
    I would rather buy two 64gb cards and just swop over when required
  8. ilmothedude
    I really know nothing about agptek. I just heard about this dap this week from head-fier, and made some research, and went ahead and ordered it.
  9. Peddler
    It would be nice to have a custom-fitted case for the Imp. If it wasnt for the sharp edges and corners it would definitely feel like a premium player in my opinion. Support for in-line remotes would have been nice as well.

    Still loving it though.
  10. Sulbh

    Can you compare it to some other player?
  11. Mython Contributor
    I don't know the company, either, but, when I paid a visit to their website, I intuitively sensed that they may not be an actual manufacturer, but perhaps a company that buys-in generic electronics hardware from other Chinese OEMs, and perhaps re-badges it 'AGPTEK', to then market to global customers.
    I could be totally incorrect about that, but that's the sense that I got Shrugemoticon.gif
  12. ilmothedude

    Colorfly C3 was my first hifi dap and AGPTEK IMP is my second one so C3 is the only one I can compare IMP to.
  13. ilmothedude

    Hmmm, you have the point... capacity seems to be 8gb. Don't know how much it differs from IMP but they look alike.
    funkymartyn likes this.
  14. Sulbh
    How is it compare to c3?
  15. ilmothedude
    IMP is brighter sounding player than C3. C3 is very pleasant sounding and it's easy to listen for long periods, might also suit better for brighter phones. Soundstage seems to be quite equal on C3 and IMP, IMP might have a tad better imaging and more detailed sound because of brighter signature. Because IMP is brighter, it suits better for warmer phones. I think IMP have cleaner and more punchy bass. IMP has more powerful headphone output than C3. IMPs UI is light-years ahead of C3s UI, and it's very nice to use whereas C3 might be quite pain sometimes because it lacks many basic features and has smaller screen. Both are very nice sounding players and there's really no day and night differences to my ears, but I do prefer IMPs sound signature.
    Lorspeaker likes this.
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