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Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

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  1. Richsvt
    I just got mine and listening now. Not fair as there has been almost no burn in. What I can say is that they are very source dependent. When using my Shanling M2, sounded a little bright and harsh. Switched over to the Plenue D and sounded much better. I have slight BBE/Jet equalization on so that mat contribute to some of it. I had used only slight eq on the M2. Will try my DX80 later. I will let these set out overnight burning in to see if makes any difference tomorrow...
    Presentation very nice. Very nice array of materials and accessories. But I agree, use less for the packaging and put that money into the IEM, or charge us less.
    I am liking what I am hearing. I have only one other hybrid to compare against it, the DQSM D2, which is a great piece. That has also seen many hours of use so not fair to run the 1More against it so early on.
    Need to do some tip swapping too to see what works best.
    I'll get back to you once I get some time with these...
  2. Beygan

    Theyre very crisp and contain a more complete sound. For the triple drivers you can notice the different spectrums of the sound that makes the overall sound come out segmented. For the ma750s they are very natural and crisp. They just sound better to my ears.
  3. Davidtech
    Gotcha, thanks for the reply :wink:
  4. Majin
    I would like to see a comparison vs the DQSM D2
  5. Richsvt
    well, switched source again and now on the DX80. Wow, what a difference. These 1More Triples just do not like the Shanling M2. The DX80 has that depth and warmth and added bass that the M2 is missing. I had to EQ the hell out of the M2 to just get it to the same level un-EQd on the DX80. All my other IEMs sound really nice on the M2. Must be the Dac/amp combo that is disrupting the 1More
    oh well, 2 out of 3 isn't too bad. Plenue D and DX80= good, M2= not so nice
    I plan to do a session with DQSM tomorrow to see how they compare.
  6. Jess70
    Through my iPhone 6s the 1more triple driver IEM's have bloated bass and and don't Have as full a sound. With my X5i they are more neutral (still with a mild mid-bass hump) and have a more full sound. However, I don't notice a huge difference. Maybe in the neighborhood of 10%-20%.
  7. Richsvt
    Just have a couple minutes before heading out...
    I used my DQSM D2s yesterday and got to say, what a wonderful piece. Just lovely. Now as compared to the 1More, the 1More's soundstage seems smaller, more closed in. There is some decent horizontal extension but little if any vertical. The treble still seems almost sibilant as compared the D2s. I have burned these for 24 hours and the bass has grown somewhat but the highs still bother me some, not as bad as fresh out of the box, but just enough to sound like they are pushing it.
    Maybe given some more time, there will be some better smoothness. Don't get me wrong, I am liking this a lot. On some well-mastered tracks, they are great. Very unforgiving on some lesser quality tracks. The D2 seemed to handle all in stride. The reason why I am harping on this is because the D2s sounded great right away and got better after some usage. The 1More is slow getting there.
    To keep it consistent, I used the Shanling M2 the whole time yesterday. I listened to the same tracks on each phone.
    As a treat, I put on my Jupiters last night and damn, absolutely not fair comparison. Jupiter is such a great piece, everything sounded smooth and rich with super details all over the place...
    I think the 1More Triples are a keeper as I am curious to see how they develop after some extended usage. Good sound, nice craftsmanship on them. I even like the cable.
  8. canali
    i agree with that.....love the details and musicality, but there is some overdone boominess imo
  9. Cool
    I decided to run a sine sweep test, as that is a pretty good way to weed out extreme peaks and valleys by ear, and this is what I got. If you guys want to try my EQ setting to compare, you can download Equalizer APO from Sourceforge, make a -12db preamp, and make a graphical EQ with my settings. You can then flip the EQ on and off to hear how congested and veiled the 1more Triples are. I've tested this with all my multi-BA headphones, and I guess manufacturers try to arrange the peaks and valleys where they think you'll notice the least, and that happens to be around 8khz. It seems that as long as you have enough mids, and lots of detailed highs from the separate tweeter, you will get positive reviews. It's not always a bad sound, but to me it's definitely not good for the price. My Sony XBA-300's are barely better.
    Seriously, please try out my EQ settings. The difference between not flat and relatively flat is humongous, and which one is better is practically not subjective. The 1More Triples have a giant 12db dip between 5khz and 10khz, and the result is a very noticeable loss of dynamics, body, and mid detail.
    Just click on the Edit Text button next to a graphic EQ and paste in these settings:
    GraphicEQ: 20 0.1; 99.9 -2.6; 496.1 -0.4; 1001.9 0; 1182.4 3.3; 1445.3 4.5; 1749 2.5; 2085 1.7; 2456.7 1.8; 2962.7 2.8; 3413 3.3; 3843.7 2.6; 4353.3 -0.4; 4659.2 -2.9; 5072 -3.1; 5459.3 0.6; 5876.1 5.6; 6289 9.5; 7002.9 12; 7886.7 11.5; 8971.8 8; 9883.5 0.6; 10603 -5.7; 11606 -6.6; 12343 -6.1; 12990 -4.4; 13325 -2.1; 14023 -1.6; 14852 -3.4; 16996 0
    Or use my config.txt file by putting it into c:\program files\equalizerAPO\Config\.  
    Make sure you are connected to a flat source, such as your computer's on board audio, if your computer was made within the past decade.
  10. astro
    It seems like we either have different resonances in our ear canals or the tips create a very different response (I'm using comply knockoffs I got off aliexpress). I adjusted yours a bit so it sounds flat to me. 
    But overall, we both clearly hear a big dip around 6000-7000Hz and compensated for that. 
    One thing I have to admit though is that my brain seems to have burned into the midbass boost. I don't really hear much anymore in the frequency sweep. I tried borrowing my friend's almost new set of 1more triple driver that hasn't been burned in and I hear the same thing, so it's not due to the actual earphones burning in. Certain songs do sound like they have unnaturally excessive bloat regardless. But I'm guessing there is no one earphone that sounds perfectly tuned to all songs due to the recording artists using different sound equipment to do the mastering or optimizing it to sound good on certain sound equipment. 

    20    -1.4
    99.9    -2.6
    496.1    -0.4
    1001.9    0
    1182.4    3.3
    1445.3    4.5
    1749    2.5
    2085    1.7
    2456.7    1.8
    2962.7    2.8
    3413    3.3
    3843.7    2.6
    4365.7    0.1
    4779.4    -0.8
    5115.3    1.4
    5352.2    2.3
    5793.5    4.9
    6271.2    6.7
    7022.8    5.4
    7775.9    4
    8512.8    3.2
    9641.6    1.4
    10920    -0.4
    12509    -0.8
    14656    -0.4
    16996    0
  11. Cool
    I would like to know if no one else hears that gigantic dip at 8khz. Maybe I have ear wax. The measurement from Innerfidelity shows something similar. It does seem to be a common theme throughout some of my BA IEMs. Anyway, I think Equalizer APO is the best audio tool if you are just listening at your computer. Almost any EQ corrected headphone is as good as any other. I just ordered two pairs of earbuds, the Panasonic Ergofit ($10) and the LG Quadbeat 2 ($9) and I'm hoping to prove that there's no real difference between those cheap earbuds and more expensive ones once you correct the sound curve in Equalizer APO.
  12. astro
    Yeah I bought these 1more triple driver earphones because it should be physically capable of reproducing any frequency response curve with its three drivers. If that's the case, theoretically, it seems that it should be able to be tuned to sound as good as any earphones. 
  13. Cool
    I just received my LG Quadbeat 3 headphones, and these blow the 1more Triples out of the water in every aspect besides build quality. They are worth $20 and sound a million times better. One of the best IEMs I've heard.
    flib372 likes this.
  14. ext23
    Would these be a worthy upgrade from the Xiaomi Hybrids? Or should I shoot straight for the DN-1000s?
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