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Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

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  1. windcar
    Does this have the quantity of bass(esp sub bass) of the xiaomi hybrid? 
  2. dbaker1981
    Anybody know where to get replacement tips for these?
  3. Jess70

    A lot of people are using comply brand tips with these and say they are much more comfortable.
  4. dbaker1981

    I don't use the comply tips cause I use these at work and have to take them in and out a lot. The one that came with it are the first I've used that fit great. I contacted there customer service and while they don't sale them right now they are sending me out a couple pairs to hold me over. Which is great CS imo.
  5. samthar
    For the record, they're going for $69.99 at Costco...  At that price, I HAVE to try them!
  6. Adgj533
    hi, can anyone help me with this. Im trying to find which is better in sound quality, 1More triple drivers vs Fiio EM1
    anyone here have tried both and can give me a clear answer?
    all replies are highly appreciated
  7. dbaker1981

    1more for the win.
  8. egzbuen
    Has anyone owned this 1more and the Pai Audio mr3?

    How do they stack up against each other?

    Is the x2 price of the mr3 worth the difference?


    Sent from heaven
  9. astro
    I got these comply knockoff tips with the 4.9mm inner diameter, or T500 size.
    It works great! Way better than the stock tips IMO since they extend out further. These give me a much better seal than the stock ones. 
  10. twiceboss
    The best $85 ive spent for this Blackfriday. DAMN! Just wow with the SQ.
    I dont expect this good with this price.
  11. dbaker1981

    Yes there great. Only ones i have that imo are better are the trinity phantom sabre but they are like $30 more.
  12. warrenpchi Administrator
  13. TooPoorForHiFi
    Are these really the Best IEM for under $135? I'm looking for a set of IEM or Earbuds and I haven't been up to date with the recently releases. My Last IEM was the Dunu Titan 5 which I really liked. Are there any alternative to the 1MORE or is it the Best one to get at the moment?
  14. twiceboss
    it is really good. Dont expect a bright IEM, this is dark sounding which is non fatiguing. The bass can be really kinda basshead with some eq
  15. astro
    The remarkable thing about it though is that it still is able to remain very detailed and clean despite being strong on the bass. The instrument separation and the imaging both are really great. It's laid back without sounding muddy. 
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