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Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

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  1. astro
    I'm not going to answer those questions because I don't see its relevance or I already addressed it, or I just reclarified it in a different way. Reference sound isn't relative to another model of earphones, it's relative to the original sound that the recording captured. 
    DAC isn't going to make that drastic of a difference that would lead to a 3-5dB midbass forwardness unless it's actively boosting the bass. An amp would also make a minimal difference for the 1more which is low impedance and designed for portable players. The only way I could see one person hearing that midbass boost and another person not is if one person didn't have a good seal and another person did. 
    With that said, my perceptions of the 1more is with an iBasso dac/amp.
    If you really do insist you hear a reference, balanced sound with the 1more triple driver with your setup, could you please play a frequency sweep on this link? Pay close attention from 50Hz to 600Hz. Does it sound close to being equal in volume throughout that frequency range? 
  2. moedawg140
    I've never listened to an iBasso DAC/amp, so my perceptions are different from yours.  
    Why should I answer your questions if you will not answer mine?
  3. astro
    That's fine with me. As I said, even your basic onboard audio is unlikely to sound drastically different, if at all, compared to a dedicated, high end DAC. 
  4. moedawg140
    That's not for me to debate, but will say that is a topic that is teetering towards sound science (since it has been debated until the cows come home, and then the cows ran away).
  5. Jess70
    I like the 1more triple driver quite a bit (for the price). But it definitely has a significant mid-bass hump to my ears. I have to EQ it down a bit on some tracks. This is not like a Beats, but it is not as flat as my PSB headphones (which have a slightly exadurated bass).
  6. moedawg140
    I agree, it isn't the most reference sounding IEM, but is the most balanced sounding of the 1MORE group to my ears.
    If we were to go a bit further, I wouldn't call the Triple Driver reference, but more balanced sounding and certainly less bassy (regardless of a midbass hump/boost) than its own Dual Driver IEM.
    If we were to go even further, even though the UERR sounds more of a reference signature compared to the Triple Driver, I would also say that to my ears the UERR emits more quantity of bass than the Triple Driver.  Meaning the midbass/bass of the Triple Driver is more tame in the lower registers than other C/IEMs that I have listened to as well as own.
  7. drm870
    Hey guys, I need a replacement for the Dunu DN-1000, but it looks like supply on online stores is drying up. Any idea on how these earphones stack up in comparison?
  8. Jess70

    A review comparing them:

    Xiaomi Hybrid vs 1MORE Triple Driver ($100)

    These earphones, released last year by two previously-related Chinese companies, have both broken pricing conventions in their respective markets – the Xiaomi Hybrid with the first (mainstream) sub-$30 dual-driver hybrid and the 1MORE with the first triple-driver hybrid under $100. The two earphones have further similarities in fit, functionality, and even color scheme. However, the pricier 1MORE unit boasts a more elegant design and significantly more refined sound.

    In terms of sound tuning and tonality, the 1MORE Triple falls right in the sweet spot between the warmer, bassier Xiaomi Hybrid and the brighter, thinner Philips TX2, but with better performance than both. Compared to the Xiaomi Hybrid, its tuning is more balanced, accurate, and neutral, with a “shallower” v-shape to its frequency response. It is much more refined and natural as a result, and boasts better clarity and resolution for a significantly more Hi-Fi audio experience.

    The Xiaomi, on the other hand, is bassier, warmer, and darker. While its low end offers a little more impact, bass control (quality) lags way behind the 1MORE unit. The Xiaomi Hybrid’s bass lacks detail and can be intrusive, its sound signature is more v-shaped, and its midrange is less prominent and clear. Vocals are less intelligible, and while it can be a hair smoother overall, I wouldn’t say it has any real advantages over the 1MORE except for its price and its appeal to those who prefer a warmer, bassier sound to more neutral tuning.

    Value (9/10) – In-ears have been improving steadily in performance at every price level, with Xiaomi’s own venerable Piston line leading the charge in recent years. Being the first budget IEM to offer a hybrid dual-driver setup automatically nets the 4th-gen Xiaomi several nods when it comes to value. However, while each of Xiaomi’s previous Piston revisions brought a sizable leap forward in either sound quality or ergonomics, this 4th-gen model does neither. Don’t get me wrong – for the price, the sound quality of the Xiaomi Hybrid is excellent, the design is solid, and the 3-button Android remote is very welcome – it’s just not head and shoulders above the competition as the previous Xiaomi IEMs often were.
  9. Jess70


    The link
  10. drm870
    I'm aware of the review. I didn't see a mention of the Dunu DN-1000 there, though. I do get the impression that the Triple Diver may be a good lower-cost replacement for said Dunu model, based on the descriptions I've seen of the sound signature, but I'd like more specific feedback from someone who has heard both earphones before I decide to give them a shot.
  11. jbusuego
    Just bought these @ Costco for $79.99 + tax. Coming from fidue a83 would I hear an improvement or just totally different sound signature . Hopefully I would get a better fit.
  12. Richsvt
    I just purchased these, hopefully will arrive soon. I am interested to hear their signature. Went with the silver finish as I was not too fond of the gold color...
  13. jbusuego
    ^ I didn't know that you have an option for finish :frowning2:
  14. Davidtech

    In what ways was is an upgrade ? I'm curious
  15. Cool
    I just got my pair on sale from China, so I probably can't return them. These are just okay. There is what I like to call hump-bass -- there is a mid bass bump, maybe around 100hz. Ideally, the bass elevation should not roll back down as it goes lower in frequency, but this type of bass is so popular now. Maybe it's because it's typical of dynamic driver setups, or maybe because these communities have a silly tendency to label bass like this "fast with decent impact" whereas balanced and smooth deep bass gets labeled as "flabby". I've noticed that trend. We end up with bass that is slightly one note. Every song has the same bass characteristic with every pair of hybrids I've tried.

    The mids are noticeably thin and lacking in body and therefore spaciousness. There isn't sibilance per se, but if you turn these up loud to try to hear mids, you will get wd40 sprayed next to your ear.

    The sound is dominated by prominent highs and hump bass. They don't sound terrible, but not amazing for $73. They are detailed and the bass reaches deep enough. The sound is thin, and not "warm" as some have described. Thin sound with bass isn't "warm" in my opinion. I have heard two cheap headphones recently: Sony XBA-C10 and KZ ATE-S which show how affordable good sound can be. Both of those headphones, $35 and $14 respectively, have more musical quality than these 1more Triple Driver headphones, but lack the sparkle that a dedicated tweeter provide.

    I don't know why hybrid driver setups are the fire. Sony showed us with the XBA-20,30,40 line that BA drivers can give smooth, accurate, and deep bass. I think what holds us back from having true audiophile quality with triple-BA headphones at $50 is how uncritical and easily impressed people are. Just remember that these headphones probably cost $10 to produce now in China, and you don't need a Grammy winner to tune headphones. The marketing aspect is hard to watch. Who cares about the presentation and packaging? What are you paying for, 2 minutes of unboxing excitement or 500 hours of listening joy? I don't care if my headphones come in a zip lock bag.

    On a positive note: The design on these headphones is alright.
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