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Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

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  1. moedawg140
    Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote
    P1000200.jpg    IMG_2451.jpg
    I was introduced to the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones – through a contact from 1MORE who had them in their stable, and wanted to know my thoughts of the in-ear monitor (IEM).  Thanks to the contact for the Triple Driver in exchange for my honest opinion.   I have listened to the Single and Dual Driver earphones for a while before being introduced to the Triple Driver earphones, so up to being introduced to the Triple Driver; my thinking was that the Dual Driver was the top-of the-line-model.  A quick background of me is of a person who loves music and likes to listen to as many IEMs as possible, from all available price-points.  I have listened to IEMs as costly as free (given to me to listen while I was on a tour bus, up to $2,699 for a standalone IEM and $2,999.99 electrostatic IEM that required the use of an included Digital-to-Analog Converter/Amplifier [DAC/Amp] for it to function).  Will the IEM from the Chinese sister company Xiaomi - accomplish true bliss?  Let’s find out!
    1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote
    iPhone 6 (Space Gray, 128GB):  $849.99 or $399.99 with a 2-Year Contract
    Surface Pro 2 64GB: $899.99
    Questyle Audio QP1R Golden and Space Gray: $899 USD
    Grace Design x Massdrop m9XX DAC/Amp: $499 shipped in the United States
    Software Applications Used
    Neutron Music Player – 320kbps
    Spotify Premium – Extreme Setting
    TIDAL HiFi – Lossless
    Inside the 1MORE Triple Driver box
    P1000181.jpg    P1000196.jpg
    P1000198.jpg    P1000208.jpg
    P1000209.jpg    P1000210.jpg
    P1000212.jpg    P1000213.jpg
    Opening the soft-touch 1MORE dark-colored box that says “Here | Hear” blazon on the top presents the Triple Driver in cutouts, and a thoughtful message.  This is what it says:
    Innovating products infused with our beliefs, passion, and pursuit – created for you.
    We are relentlessly committed to delivering quality and affordability well beyond your expectations.  Enjoying music as it was originally intended by the artist is no longer a luxury, but a 1MORE standard.
    Earlier this year, 1MORE released its first dual-driver in-ear headphones.  Every aspect of the mechanical and electrical design has been scrutinized by our experienced industry experts.  The result is truly unique.
    The positive launch reception and accolades were beyond our expectations.  Yet, the release was just the first step in our new series of high fidelity audio in-ear headphones.  Our products are designed to enrich your music listening experience and your life.  1MORE is proud to introduce another new product, triple-driver in-ear headphones.
    The 1MORE team has been diligently working around the clock, and we will continue to, because we appreciate the opportunity to share this journey with you.
    Music is food for the soul and we promise to deliver it.  This is why we exist.
    Thank you for believing in 1MORE, and stay tuned!
    Opening the box will present such items as a manual, cable shirt clip, and NINE pairs of universal tips (3 sizes of foam [Small, Medium, Large] and 6 pairs of silicone [Very Small, 2 pairs of Small, Medium, Large]).  An extensive assortment for sure!
    P1000217.jpg    P1000219.jpg
    Stylishness – fit and function
    The product part sketches inside of the case are a very nice touch from the status quo from other manufacturers who omit showing the parts used to create their IEMs.  The case, as is the same one used in the Dual Driver model, is a nice addition to have to storage your earphones live.  The earphones are very comfortable, even without using 3rd party tips such as SpinFits.  However, keep in mind the width of canal/sound tube is more than the Dual Driver, but makes up for this with having a longer canal/sound tube than the Dual Driver, so the fit of the Triple Driver isn’t overall that much more of a concern over the Dual Driver.
    The details make it worthwhile
    The design of the Triple Driver was well-thought out, especially for the price point of the earphones.  There are a few aspects of the design that I have not really seen in an IEM, as a whole – meaning the bespoke design of the earphones are true-to-form.  Some features that I have observed:
    Comfortable fitting silicone universal tips.  Most companies provide 3 sizes of tips – the Triple Driver comes in 5 sizes and a total 9 pairs of tips – the inclusion of the extra small tips provides more flexibility to fit even more people’s ears.
    IMG_2443.jpg    IMG_2445.jpg
    Angled housing and canal tube – this makes fit and isolation easier for more listeners.  There are integrated wax guards for the silicone tips (the Triple Driver’s silicone tips don’t have the integrated wax guards) and the foam tips don’t have the integrated wax guards.
    3-button remote.  Usually, this is not a big deal, but what a big deal is that the buttons are not marked.  This, in my opinion, makes the remote more subtly good-looking.
    The cable, from the earphone housing to the Y-connect is not a normal-looking cable – it is vertically ribbed!  Absolutely amazing observance, and makes the cable just a bit more luxurious and special, compared to earphones, even from companies that command more money in my opinion.  From the Y-connect to the headphone plug, the cable is braided.  The Y-connect and earphone plug are brushed aluminum, but have a minutely ribbed feel to it – a luxurious feel for not a huge price of admission.  Those two types of sheath, in one mass-produced earphone, is rare and makes for a diversely unique cable experience.  Features like these are those that help positively differentiate from the rest of the IEM manufacturers in the market. 
    More glamour shots
    IMG_2447.jpg    P1000221.jpg
    P1000223.jpg    P1000224.jpg
    P1000226.jpg    P1000227.jpg
    As a whole, the Triple Driver looks and feels wonderful, and I like the rarer styling of the sheath cabling and black with rose gold as its housing, regardless of model or price.  Let’s delve into how the Triple Driver sounds. 
    How does the 1MORE Triple Driver sound?
    Smooth, clear and crisp would be the words that I would use to describe the Triple Driver house sound.  These are balanced sounding earphones with just the amount of heft, clarity, smoothness and spaciousness.  They are special-sounding and can be euphoric in sound when paired with your favorite source.
    The treble is velvet, smooth as silk, and is clear in its presentation.  It is not sibilant and more extended than its Dual Driver sibling.  You should be able to listen for hours and not feel like your ears are “hot” from the treble barrage – none of the sort with this IEM.
    Butter.  Simply butter.  I’m talking about the midrange, which has sufficient heft, and can simply envelop you with its laid-back, yet slickly in-your-face nature.  This doesn’t mean the midrange is congested – no – it is more like “here I am, hear me whisper sweet nothings in your ear”.  Compared to the Dual Driver, the midrange has slightly more clarity.  If you are person that enjoys a sublime-sounding midrange, the Triple Driver should satisfy your wants and needs.
    The bass is suave, meaning it is controlled, not diffuse, and sufficiently powerful in the quality region.  The Dual Driver, in comparison has more perceived bass than the Triple Driver, but the bass of the Triple Driver has a quality and effortlessness that can make the IEM a more reference, balanced, and therefore satisfying earphone.
    The resolution is immense for a triple driver hybrid.  Clarity with warmth is the status quo, and scales as you scale your equipment.  The soundstage is adequate and will sound less in front of you because of the more balanced sound the Triple Driver presents.  The depth is sufficient as well, picking out micro detail with ease.
    Final summary
    These can be seen as top of the line earphones, regardless of the price.  The packaging, beautiful.  The literal message, thoughtful.  The construction of the earphone itself, inspiring.  The sound, bliss.  This is worth a listen and a purchase – for the amazing price of admission, why not?
    Price  $99
    Product ColorsBlack with Brushed Gold
    Type  2 Balanced Armatures, 1 Dynamic Driver
    Frequency Range 20 Hz - 40 kHz
    Impedance32 Ω
    Cable Type  1.25 m (4 ft), cloth knit outer (below Y-connect)
    Controls  3-Button Remote and Mic (Android/iOS)
    Jack Straight, Gold Plated, 3.5 mm, 3 pole and enameled copper wire
    Sensitivity99 dB
    Rated Power 5 mW
    Weight   18 g

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  2. mochill
    Great review ☺
  3. DeLuX
    Indeed a great review! In your mind, how would these compare to something like the MEE pinnacle p1?
  4. RedJohn456
    I wouldn't mind comparisons to other hybrids in the same price bracket :)  Awesome review as always. 
  5. moedawg140
    Thanks! [​IMG]
    Thanks for the comment!  Hopefully I'll get to listen to the MEE Pinnacle P1 at a next meet, and if I am able to, I'll update the review with comparisons.
    I wouldn't mind comparisons either. :)  I've listened to a multitude of hybrids, but none in the price bracket that would positively compare to the Triple Driver sonically.  My other favorite hybrid IEM that I listened to is the HyperDynamic, but as far as I know, they aren't available in the market yet, and are not in the same price bracket as the Triple Driver.  
    Thanks for the kind words, my friend! 
  6. kenshin27
    Excellent review and pretty much in line w/my experience as well. I wrote up a blog post on them (along w/a few other IEMs). The value you get for $99 is fantastic.
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  7. cript2nyt
    This or the lz a2? Any comparisons?
  8. ezekiel77
    Excellent review there. One more in the radar...
    By the way, driven from your QP1R?
  9. moedawg140

    Thanks! :beerchug:

    And yep, I list the QP1R as one source that I use under "Sources".
  10. nealh
    I bought these and returned them due to microphonics that was unacceptable to my ears. YMMV.
    I own Fidue A73 and there is 0 microphonics. I tried everything to get rid of it but sitting in a quiet room and hearing noise from my breathing was awful distracting. I wore them up over the ear which helped a small amount. Down was terrible. I taped the microphone to see if this helped with anything. Nope

    As for sound it was very good. Nice low end but not over down. The Mids and highs were clear and I had no fatigue from the higher frequencies that I'm very sensitive too. My general feeling was they had warm sound that seemed a little more subdued vs the A73. They required a higher volume with my iPhone 6 to hear the details as crisp as my A73.

    I enjoyed the sound signature and in some ways I preferred them to the A73. The soundstage was better on the A73, but in some ways the treble seemed on the A73 a little brighter in comparison which why at times I preferred the Triple Driver.

    I have no idea if mine were defective but I could not justify keeping them.

    If they had no microphonics they are very nice sounding IEM with a great price point. But in my humble opinion the A73 is overall a nicer IEM and only cost about $30 more.
  11. Gandasaputra
    You do not know what "microphonic" means if you haven't try Sony's MH1C. That's the worst cable with the worst Microphonic ever.
    Judging from the cable, I think it looks like Xiaomi's piston MK2. I find it iss not that microphonic when cable's worn down.
  12. exsomnis
    I received my pair of the triple driver today. My initial impression, playing off of my iPhone with Tidal lossless was that it was good - plentiful bass if flabby, toned down treble and nice laid back mids. Great with edm/pop and processed sounds.
    And then I started noticing how thin and closed in the upper mids were. This is particularly noticeable with saxophones, trumpets and higher alto voices. On jazz tracks that I know intimately, the placement was all wrong and the saxes and trumpets seemed cut off from everything else.  
    A/B'ing with my FLC8S through my Alo Audio Pan Am at home, my suspicions were confirmed. The upper mids to highs were missing body. And the bass was just too elevated. Treble was tinny too. It's a shame because I do prefer less prominent treble in my cans.
    These get downgraded to decent but flawed for me. Is it with buying for 100 bucks? There are other more accurate and balanced sounding IEMs for the price, so for me it's a no. 
    Of course, there's a possibility that my copy is defective - given the glowing reviews of these IEMs and all the talk of value - but there are negative reviews out there that somewhat echo my impressions.
    Unfortunately, I will be attempting to return these.
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  13. Darren Cotter
    Just got mine today. I was hoping they would offer an alternative to my Fidue A83's. Unfortunately, because the tips don't overhang the end of the driver at all, which I've never seen, you essentially have no padding at the end, so I found them very uncomfortable. Tried multiple sized rubber tips.
    During the 20 or so minutes I had the on, found them detailed but colder than my Fidue's. I also had to turn up the volume on my QP1R a lot more and on some albums, got to maximum volume.
  14. moedawg140
  15. Darren Cotter
    I always use high.
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