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Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

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  1. moedawg140 Contributor
    Very interesting.  I want to tread very lightly here, but I would advise either earwax buildup cleaning, a hearing test, or preferably both if the highest volume on high gain of the QP1R still isn't enough for you.  I do not mean to come off rude or anything of the sort, and my sincere apologies in advance if this is felt.
  2. Darren Cotter
    Hi moedawg140
    Don't get me wrong, some albums were fine at 40. It's just my luck that some of my favourite albums seem to be mastered quite low and require more volume than other albums. Maybe there is some software that can permanently apply some gain to the FLAC files?
    The 1More seems to need about a third more volume than the Fidue's, that's not a criticism, as I'm sure I could find something even harder to drive.
    I wish the tips were more comfortable as then I could give them a proper try.
  3. AudioDHD

    The best (cost effective ) alternatives to my Fidue A83s so far are the HSLX 808s and the Shozy Zeros. These two are the only sub $60 USD IEMs Ive come across that have almost stacked up to the Fidues in sound quality but offer better ease of use with the trade off of non detachable cables and more microphonics, the HLSX 808s are closer to the signature of the Fidues which slightly less sparkle , they are truly a mind boggling and an unsurpased achievement considering they cost only $39USD ! the Zeros offer a completely different signature to the Fidues , its a darkish warm full sounding enjoyable signature and can be had for $50-60US which is fantastic value.

    You can get both for $100 US which is insane!
  4. Darren Cotter
    Just bought some Shozy Zero's.
  5. AudioDHD

    An excellent choice as the Zeros offer a completely different quality and flavor to the Fidues and 808s , which will give you more variety in enjoying your music .. havnt taken the Zeros off since I got them.. they are the 1st IEM that I can really notice a big improvement after hours of use, more seperation in bass mids and treble , to my ears they offer an enjoyable rich and full sounding signature with a warm addictive bass quality even using a note 4 , am amazed as they are the smallest lightest and most comfortable in ears Ive come across ..yet they sound massive!

    As for 1More Triple driver Ive heard great things about these IEMs and have not had the pleasure of listening to them. You may have received a dud pair as you mentioned or maybe its because you have the Fidues as reference which Ive discovered along with my HSLX 808s will expose shortcomings of other IEMs .. unfortunately this has lead to some great budget IEMs taking a back seat in my collection including Tenmak Pros ,Easy M2s , UE DIY Customs, IE80 DIY and the not budget original IE80s..

    Hope this info is helpful, its cost me many $100s of USD to provide it.. :wink:
  6. all999
    Pulled the trigger on these since I've lost my GR07 last week. Really curious if they can compete with them. We'll se in about a week.
  7. Darren Cotter
    I have a two-week old pair of Triple's in mint condition with box and all accessories if anyone in the EU wants to make an offer.
  8. foreverzer0
    Can you let us know how they compare? I've got about 150hrs of burn-in with my Zero's and they're really enjoyable with soundstage rivaling on-ears. I hear the 200hr mark is where the Zero's truly shine. However, all this praise about the 1More triple driver even comparing to $2.5k IEM's also has me curious (but also sounds like a lot of hype).
  9. nealh

    Trust it's hype. They are nice for the $100 price point but I did not think they were all that impressive. My A73 is far better and cost $30 more
  10. moedawg140 Contributor

    Who specifically compared the Triple Driver to "$2.5k IEM's"?
  11. foreverzer0
    Well not specifically compared them directly, but didn't you mention you had listened to to IEMs in that price range and still say "These can be seen as top of the line earphones, regardless of the price. "?
  12. moedawg140 Contributor

    I have mentioned that I've listened to IEMs in various price ranges. This was part of my background at the beginning of the review. Yes, just because I feel they sound great (regardless of price) does not mean that you will. There are other IEMs like the SE846 that I believe that they can be heard as TOTL IEMs regardless of the price. Just because I feel that way does not mean that you will. There are plenty of people that don't really enjoy the SE846, including individuals who I highly respect - and that is absolutely okay. I can name other products where it's vice versa, but I think (hope) you understand where I'm coming from by now.

    No matter what anyone says in any review, listen to the product yourself to form your own conclusion as we all hear differently.

    Take care and good luck! :beerchug:
    soundofmed likes this.
  13. ostewart
    I have just got a pair of these in the post, a bit behind on reviews at the moment, but will update shortly :)
  14. Hisoundfi Contributor
    You are right @moedawg140 these things are great!
  15. nealh

    But the microphonics is a killer.  It was intolerable for me and there was no solution I could find.  
    I hope others are not as bothered as I was.
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