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Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

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  1. OliverBB
    I picked these up a few weeks ago and I think they are great. Nice full bass but not muddy or to extreme basshead levels. Mids are a tiny bit recessed but nothing major. I love the treble as it is clear and detail revealing however non fatiguing at the same time with some cymbals which can be hard to pull off IMHO. They remind me a bit of the Trinity Phantom Sabre's however I find them much less harsh on the highs, I returned the Sabres as they were just to strident in the highs and sounded a bit unnatural to me. I picked up the titanium color which I think looks very classy. Controls work great with my Glaxay S5 and calls from other have reported to be very clear.
    I will say I am not a huge fan of the tips though. Using the stock tips seem to accentuate a mid bass bump that may be a bit extreme to some. I'm using just some tips that came with my Fiio Ex1 which are a pretty generic silicone tip.
    All in all I think it 's a great package for about $100  
  2. egzbuen
    I'm not happy with the current tip attached. Do you guys even recommend opening the box of extra tips and play with them or just look somewhere else for better tips?

    I don't want to lose highs and treble if ever I will change my tips.

    Sent from Nokia 3210
  3. Jess70

    I found stock tips in the box that work well for me. I tried almost all of them to find the best fit. Many are happy with the stock tips.

    I would definately try them yourself.
  4. twiceboss
    I would say listening to 1More is like listening to big speakers. Nothing fatiguing.

    The details are amazing that u can get it less than $100. Just wow

    Having hd800 that has the best revealing for every instruments i can say this 1more is really not bad which is even better for any songs that has bass. Hd800 is not the best when it comes to bass but beyond ur expection when it comes to acoustic. The feeling of listening someone's singing right in front of you.

    So, 1more, good job. $85 is more than what I'd expect to get.
  5. egzbuen
    I'm enjoying the 1more triple driver more nowadays when I shifted from x5i to x7. Sound sig was just to warm back then.

    Sent from Nokia 3210
  6. twiceboss

    Hows x7 sound sig?
  7. Cinder
    My 1More Triple Driver review is up!​
  8. egzbuen

    Nice review.

    Which tip in the box would you recommend to get more pronounced based and highs?

    Sent from Nokia 3210
  9. Cinder
    Well, that's difficult to say. I tested 4 pairs (2x silicone, 2x memory foam) and found that the silicone only barely improved treble placement. If you are looking for more pronounced bass and treble then you might want to look into an IEM with a more V-shaped tuning, though this one already has a decent U-shape.
  10. Dustboonies
    Great Review!  

    I've had these for around 7 months now and can confirm that everything you say is right on the dot.  These have been my staple recommendation for earbuds/IEM's ever since I got them.

    Does anybody know how much these would benefit from a portable amp?  I've never had one before so I haven't been able to try them or see how much the improvement would be.  Currently driving them out of a Galaxy S6.
  11. Cinder
    Thank you! In my experience, these do not significantly benefit from any amping. I tested a FiiO A5 and Sound Blaster E3, neither of which yeilded any real change in the first place. If others have experienced a change with a portable amp, I'd be curious to hear what gear was used.
  12. twiceboss

    Hey, 1More will only be good if u amped it with bright signature. Even my Mojo is not good to be paired with 1more. Mojo has crazy detail if i paired it with my hd800 but less detail with 1more since it is too warm.

    I prefer to use my 1more unamped with my ipad mini 4. For your info, ipad mini 4 is far better than i expected in terms of audio which makes my 1more sounds very very good with it! Iphone has different audio people said, so it will be not as good as ipad mini.

    Also, i also have s6. To me s6 audio is too v shaped. Less mids details and the bass is bloated with not so good highs. So yeah, i will never prefer to connect any iem to it except jaybird bluetooth.
  13. Dustboonies
    Wow didn't realize the phone could alter the signal so much and make it V shaped.  I'm looking to upgrade my phone within the next year but I want to stick with android.  Do you know where I can look to find out how good a phone is for a source?  I was considering the Google pixel but I can't find the phone's output quality review anywhere.
  14. Cinder
    Well, the experiences of that user are quite contradictory to mine. While I certainly noticed some small variations in sound quality between my Nexus 6P, HTC M8 (too bassy), LG G3, Hidizs AP100, Hidizs AP60, and HiFiMAN Megamini, I didn't notice any differences that altered the entire shape of the sound signature.
    On another note, I have heard the Pixel's output. It is linear, with a slight warmth, likely added on purpose in the drivers. If you are planning on using the Pixel as a daily driver, you likely won't be disappointed. 
  15. Dustboonies
    Awesome thanks!
    Looks like I'll probably be upgrading to the pixel! I really enjoy linear sound but when I want a bit of V shape I always have my Denon D2000's!
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