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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Proglover
    The Sunset Limited 6
    I added .5 for the 2 very decent actors in this movie, but the dialogues in this couldn't catch my interest very much, actually
    Normally I like this kind of movies, but this one simply didn't do it for me
  2. tdockweiler
    Jaws - 9/10
    Took me nearly three viewings to really appreciate this movie. I've now seen it about 6 times.
    Battle of the Bulge - 6.5/10
    Some really bad acting and I felt the whole movie was just too scripted. Action scenes in this movie are just so poorly done.
    At least it has an interesting story. I got it for $10 on Blu-Ray and it was worth it at least. I've actually seen it twice now. BTW I felt that Henry Fonda was miscast.
    Robert Shaw is nearly unrecognizable in this movie! Took me awhile to realize it was him. Had no clue I was watching two of his movies right in a row!
  3. addo
    Well I finally watched The Social Network. It took me a while because i dont have a facebook page and i have no interest in facebook. However, seeing as how there is more than 500 million people on it its clearly part of our culture and for the better or for the worse there is no denying that. Also, I dont see why my bias should get in the way of seeing a perfectly decent movie. Exaggeration and drama to the side, it was interesting to see how it got started, and the acting was good, as well as the directing by Fincher. I dont know why people were going on about this film being best picture material though.
    3/5 meaning i liked it
  4. AmanGeorge Contributor
    The King's Speech - 7.5/10 - I thought it was good, had some great moments and mighty fine performances, but it just felt too... easy. I couldn't escape the feeling while watching it that the writers and directors had phoned in a movie that was guaranteed Oscar bait. I didn't think it was particularly daring, and I could have predicted the plot from the get-go (I didn't know anything about the real-life events going in). Good film, but I think it stole the Academy Award from Social Network, which was a much more interesting film.
  5. tdockweiler
    Raiders of the Lost Ark - 6.75/10
    Joe Vs The Volcano - ??/10...ok maybe a 6/10
    This is one strange movie to give a rating to. I find the first part somewhat interesting, somewhat funny and even entertaining. All until the second Meg Ryan character appears. I then stop liking it until Tom Hanks is lost at sea on that huge luggage. Once they get to shore I stop liking it. So yes, I think it's safe to say I only like 40% of the movie. The second Meg Ryan is one of the worst movie characters there is.
    Jackass 3 - rating? Are you serious?
    What can I say? I laughed during a few scenes (found the dog walking scene amusing). Somehow I only fast forwarded one scene and that was the Sweatsuit Cocktail. Totally wish I didn't watch this, but I guess I was desperate for a ... comedy? Luckily I only had to pay $1 to rent it.
  6. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Cyrus, 8/10. Interesting little movie with a great script and cast. The camerawork was a little annoying, but a very good movie overall.

    Victory at Sea, 10/10. I found the entire series for $5 at Wal-Mart. Just terrific and a wonderful documentary. Highly recommended for anyone who loves WWII documentaries.
  7. SoupRKnowva
    So i watched Anti-Christ last, and today i watched Fish Tank 4.5/5 it was a pretty darn good coming of age movie about a 15 year old girl in Essex in the UK.
    i bought both of them and a bunch of others during the Criterion Collection 50% off sale a couple weeks ago, which was awesome
    though it was in 4:3, not widescreen. which kind of bugged me
  8. Proglover


    I enjoyed the Social Network, but it's just not the same league for me. I don't need a movie to be daring perse, it has to do what's needed for the subject, and as such, the King's Speech delivers fully, at least on my opinion. Also had the plus of a stunning performance by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.
  9. AmanGeorge Contributor


    Meh - 5 minutes into the movie, I was like - Ok, the King is going to distrust this eclectic guy at first, then he'll start to make progress, they'll get along, they'll have a falling out, they'll reconcile, and all will go well in the King's time of greatest need.
    Lo and behold...
    I think a movie should be docked for being as predictable and by-the-book as the King's Speech was, despite what I would readily admit were fantastic individual performances.
  10. tdockweiler

    I love a good WWII documentary. I think my favorite by far is "WWII in HD". It was actually better overall than "The Pacific" and I was glued to the TV until 5am every night.
    I couldn't stop thinking about it for nearly a week after I saw it.
    I still am trying to finish "The World At War" and I'm about 12 hours in. I've found it really hard to keep going because the audio is so poor.
    I have "Victory at Sea" on my shelf and will probably watch it tonight. A few years back I also found "Why We Fight" which is B&W and directed by Frank Capra.
    It's interesting to say the least, because they made everyone except the Germans out to be perfect angels. Most will say it's just propaganda, but I still liked it.

  11. Anaxilus
    For more modern stuff I'd suggest the following:
    Inside the Vietnam War
    Less involved but somewhat informative:
    Taliban:Behind Enemy Lines
    Obama's War (Poorly named)
    Haven't seen 'Bush's War' yet but that's next.
  12. apatN Contributor

    I have seen this one. Pretty good, although a bit "American".
  13. Proglover


    I have to admit it was predictable, but it didn't bother me in this case
  14. Confispect
    Fantastic Four - 7/10 
    Not how I remembered it.
  15. JamesMcProgger


    id give it 3/10, and the 3 because of Jessica Alba without her, itd be a zero.
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