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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Proglover
    Tangled 6.5
    It was a fun watch, but a 8.0 on imdb, that seems overrated to me 
  2. pcf


    Although there is nothing ground breaking when it comes to story telling or character development in "Tangled", this is the first time a traditional Disney fairy tale feature is done in CG successfully. It combined the old graphical drawn looks and the subtle acting  you can achieve with computer animation. It is big step forward in the right direction.
  3. bcg27
    Scott Pilgrim vs. the world - 8. Entertaining and I generally like Michael Cera movies.
  4. sphinxvc
    Anti-christ | cringe-heavy.
  5. SoupRKnowva


     thats crazy, i was about to watch that last night till some friends invited me over to play beer pong. but ill be watching it tonight for sure.
  6. sphinxvc
    ^ Remember, you are no less of a man (or woman) if you must pause and take a break.
  7. oqvist

    Particularly if you watch it in 3D. The horse is as good as any dreamworks side kick :)
  8. joomongj
    The Man From Nowhere - 8/10. Good. If Donnie Yen starred and boasted his Wing Chun moves against this guy, he would have given him a run for his money. [​IMG]
  9. daigo
    The Adjustment Bureau 8/10
    More of a love story than the trailer would tell you.  There is a science fiction aspect to it to represent fate and/or god, but the primary focus of the story is the development of the two main character's relationship, and how the Damon character makes his decisions despite what the Bureau wants. 
  10. SoupRKnowva


    damn dude, you werent kidding. that movie was pretty intense, watched it from beginning to end without pause. there was some pretty subterranean bass though, and my jh-13's produced it with aplomb 
    im not really sure what rating ill give this...someday ill watch it again and decide.
  11. apatN Contributor
    Is that the Antichrist with Willem Dafoe? 
  12. sphinxvc
  13. apatN Contributor
    Thanks, will have to see it. I usually don't watch horror films as I find them to be, well, boring. ;p Perhaps this one is different. :)
  14. DJGeorgeT
    Max Payne - 5/10
    The Happening - 4/10
    The Hitcher - 3/10
    Identity - 8.5/10
    2012 - 6/10
    Just bad movies with the exception of Identity
  15. gopack87
    Down By Law- 8/10 Very interesting, unique film.  The music was awesome through out and Tom Waits was great in it
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