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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Proglover
    Megamind 6.5
    Entertaining, but not great
    Will Ferrell's voice did work very well in this
  2. virometal Contributor

    I'll quote any post with a mention of The Good Shepherd. I loved that move, usually more than most. It is the only reason I still keep my HD-DVD player. 
    *Yes I know there is a French BD; hoping for a Region 1*
    I finished The Red Riding Trilogy, which is a UK Ch. 4 miniseries. It was fantastic - dark, procedural crime noir, a bit like a cross between Zodiac and The Wire. Make sure to turn on subs, 'cause some of the Yorkshire accents are thick. 8/10
  3. SemiAudiophile
    127 Hours - 7.6/10
    Good interpretation of a true story. Extremely painful to watch. 
  4. JamesMcProgger
    Black swan. big huge MEH.
    and it lacks lesbo escenes.
  5. Proglover
    Tron Legacy 6+
    Mediocre story, but looks great. Mildly entertaining, but not more then that.
  6. xXFallenAngelXx


    I actually enjoyed the Day After Tommorow as well
    Just watched Taken again..9.5/10..this movie is just pretty epic
  7. 3sheets
    RED...that movie was sick.
  8. treal512
    Ip Man - 10/10 - One of the best martial art movies I have ever seen.
    The Man From Nowhere - 10/10 - Add Leon the Professional and Taken together then multiply by 2.... million [​IMG]
  9. joomongj
    ^ look very interesting. I'm a huge sucker for decent Kung Fu, hitman types. Will check 'em out for sho.
  10. SemiAudiophile


    Ip Man was only average (IMO) as far as martial art movies go...you really should check out Donnie Yen and Jet Li's older movies from the 90's. 
    Iron Monkey, Fist of Legend, just to name a few..
  11. iq160plus Contributor
    I agree with the previous posters on this one, for the most part.  Couple of laugh-out-loud moments but was actually a dark comedy. I got it for my kids but most of the humor was over their heads.  It was nothing like I expected.
    6/10 for me. 
    BEER FOR MY HORSES.  3/10.  With Toby Keith, Rodney Carrington and Ted Nugent as part of the main cast had to try it.  Typical do-gooder cops break all the rules but save the day without getting into any trouble for their illegal actions. Wont' ever watch it again.
  12. brasewel
    Black Swan...great movie 10/10
  13. treal512
    Not sure if I have seen or not, but I will check them out [​IMG]
    Average, IMO, was Ip Man 2. The original is on a different level.
  14. virometal Contributor

    I was so excited for the movie. Then it arrived. Then the reviews followed, and I postponed. Finally I spent one U.S. dollar for it yesterday. That was a good market value for commodity filmaking. All the warning signs were there.The script has been handled a lot, even made a stop to Brad Bird at Pixar. The big D brought in a relatively obscure director. In other words, someone they could control and cut without any hassle; what a complete waste. Pretty though, I might pick up the BD just to watch with the volume down. 5/10; Movie - 0/10; S/E - 10/10
  15. Permagrin
    I'll have to check those out, thanks. But... better than Leon the Professional? That would have to be the most awesome movie ever.
    I haven't seen anything lately but I'm really looking forward to Sucker Punch, even if it's not as good as I hope, at least it will look awesome.
    Also, somewhat interested in The Adjustment Bureau, no matter how much it reminds me of a Dark City ripoff.
    /eh, just learned that 'Bureau' is based off a short story by Philip K Dick, I take back my disrespectful comment, R.I.P. Philip.
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