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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Samgotit
    Limits of Control 8.4/ 10
    Bloody gobstopper brilliant. The first IMDB review says it's modern Last Year at Marienbad. Yes, yes it is. It's on HBO.
    Too slow for the slow. If Inception and Avatar are in your top ten, don't bother with this one.
  2. Mkubota1 Contributor
    Dinner for Schmucks - 8/10
    Not necessarily funny through and through, but definitely had 5-6 good gut busters.  One of my favorites was early in the movie when Tim and Barry first meet: Tim runs over him with his Boxster.  And pretty much the first words out of Barry's mouth after he gets up is, "Is that a Porsche?!?"
    The other asset of this movie... Stephanie Szostak.  Wow.  [​IMG]
  3. oqvist


    Wow you just dissed two superb movies. Babel is just about a 10/10. Syriana isn´t bad either. 
    Just watched High Lane... If it wasn´t for unnecessary cleavage hunting on Chloe. Which goes mounting climbing in a top that doesn´t conceal anything and doesn´t wear a bra it would be a 10/10.
    I have seen most movies in this genre never thought I would get such drawn in to it since you can just about guess what will happen next. A lot in this genre is crap but this was just as good as the Descent. Just superb on every level.
  4. Permagrin
    Inception and Avatar in the same sentence? Wot?!? lol...
  5. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "Unstoppable" [4.2/10]: I can't believe that I bought this on blu-ray. I thought Denzel Washington in a runaway train movie, cool! Well, I guess he needed a quick payday because the movie is terrible.
  6. Br777
    brothers. - 6.5/10  -  this is the marine sent off to war movie with nataile portmann, jake gylanall, and whats his name from spiderman... im sure i spelled all their names wrong.
    for the first 45ish minutes i was groaning at the horrible acting, script, and generally everything about this movie.  I probabluy would have shut it off if there werent others watching with me.  The acting certainly improved, but not much else.   While certainly not a movie to watch if you need a pick me up, it did have a pretty impactful message.   Certainly not bad, but not so great either.
    I would say more but i dont like giving away anything about a movies plot when I talk about it, and you cant talk about this movie without giving away too much
  7. SemiAudiophile
    True Grit (2010) - 7.6/10 
    Meh, nothing to write home about. Jeff Bridges was good. The script was good. But that was about it. 
  8. Anaxilus

    Awe, the girl was better than Jeff IMO.  
  9. SemiAudiophile


    she was pretty good but wasn't believable. maybe because she looked to clean? 
  10. Anaxilus


    She was from the city but I know what you mean.  Perhaps just a bit too sharp and wise in the ways of the world?  The most unbelievable for me was Matt Damon.  I think a bit more attention to detail, refinement and a harder hand involved w/ directing could have really elevated the movie to the next level.   
  11. blitz-dice
    Due Date - 8/10. not that funny, maybe i am expecting something like The Hangover, but its nice. lol
  12. lorina3


    Just watched Spy Game for the first time Sunday night.  9/10 as well.  Definitely entertaining and one I'd watch again.
  13. Landis Contributor
    I watched Megamind the other day and I genuinely felt that it wasn't too shabby. A few heavy laugh out loud moments, but there are several parts where the undertone becomes heavily mature (emotionally, not explicit) and although it's often depressing when the mood shifts like that, it makes me happy that we've reached a point where high budget North American animated films aren't just aimed at children any more and that an adult can go out and have fun with the wild ride of emotional fluctuation within an hour and a half.
  14. apatN Contributor
    Just came back from Black Swan. Give it a 9/10.
  15. SquareSoftness
    I just re-watched Funny Games a couple days ago. Many people don't really like this because they don't understand what the message behind it is. It's supposed to be very violent. It's quite fun nevertheless. If you liked A Clockwork Orange maybe you will like this too.
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