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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "The Sunset Limited" [8.2]: Watched this two man show from a play by Cormac McCarthy on HBO. Performances by Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson were excellent. The entire film was dialogue between these two great actors. Dark topic but I enjoyed it...
  2. addo
    First mention of this movie ever on this thread....
    Enter the void- 9.2/10.... what a trip. Even the opening credits are almost seizure inducing, but I loved it. thoroughly original movie that may not be for all tastes, but if this is your kind of movie, it is great. Netflix recommended it after watching 2001: A space odyssey, which by the way is also a great movie.
  3. Proglover
    It's Kind of a Funny Story
    yes, it's kind of a funny story
  4. virometal Contributor

    I've been on the fence. After Irreversible, which was excruciating, I swore off another Noe film. However, I hear there is an "interior" shot of a thrusting "member." That really is must see film making as far as I'm concerned. 
    Unthinkable was dumb. On the positive side, it was good to see Carrie-Ann Moss get some work. Samuel Jackson in dogmatic, diabolical mode is cool. Michael Sheen hamming it up is fun. Sill, the friggin' movie was dumb where it meant to be profound. 2/10
  5. addo


    that scene alone could very well be a reason to watch the movie. The substance of the movie deals with death, and im not sure whether it completely succeeds in that regard, but as far as a cinematic experience goes it was quite an accomplishment. 
    I havent seen irreversible, but im definitely going to.
  6. vinnievidi
    Complements of Netflix on Demand: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus  <1/10
  7. Calexico
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - 9/10
    Really funny and really cool.
    21 Grams - 8/10
    Hated this the first time I watched this about 2 years ago (0/10).  My friend saw it recently and liked it so I figured I should revisit it.  The characters are all detestable (deeply flawed if you want it in a more positive light) but it works.  Knowing the story helps when watching it the second time around because of the fragmented structure.  Naomi Watts is hot.  Basically just a cool movie which encouraged me to take a slightly different approach to film viewing.
  8. apatN Contributor
    Never Back Down - 6/10
  9. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Cyrus, 8/10

    A very good little movie with an excellent cast and script. I dinged it a point for some annoying camera work. The director has a habit of slightly jumping in a slight zoom. Sometimes effective, but sometimes just a useless tic. Still, a very original story with strong characters and great acting. I sure wish Hollywood would greenlight more original content like this.
  10. joomongj
    Sanctum - 6.7/10. It's alright...I wouldn't pay for it though. The storytelling is cheesy and out of the blue and consequently the entire movie felt contrived. Well it says "Inspired by a true story", so no surprises there.
  11. Anaxilus


    Spot on.  Wasted opportunity for some excellent cinematography and use of 3D.
    Edit - Just did a quick read on this 'true story'.  Nobody died, took 10 hours to locate the exit and 30 hours total for everyone to reach safety.  Hollywood sucks.
  12. tdockweiler
    Planes, Trains and Automobiles - 9.5/10
    I've seen this dozens and dozens of times and never get sick of it.
    The Day After Tomorrow - 8/10
    Sure, it's stupid, fairly cheesy and has some terrible dialogue, but I still like this movie a lot. I've very forgiving of everything in this movie.
    For me it's very entertaining and I've now seen it about a dozen times (!). I even like "Independence Day" but actually walked out of "10,000 BC" and "Godzilla".
    2012 was decent enough the first time, but when I rented it, I hated it. You might find this hard to believe, but I like the characters in "Day after Tomorrow" and "Independence Day".
    Can't say the same about 10,000BC and 2012. Give me a Roland Emmerich movie over one from Michael Bay any day!
    Lord of the Rings - Return of the Ring - 9/10
    I've seen this series now about 4 times and think this is my favorite (duh!) with the 2nd being my least favorite. I hate the "tree" scenes.
  13. tru blu
    Carlos - 8.5/10
    Is it a movie if it's made for TV? Olivier Assayas conceived this great 5 1/2 hour biopic about terrorist/assassin Carlos the Jackal as a miniseries for French TV, but then cut hours off it for the Cannes Film Festival. The Cannes judges disqualified it anyway. Frankly, after watching the whole 5-hour enchilada, I have no interest in seeing the edited cut. I was with it the whole ride (comes in three parts)…it's particularly timely given recent events in the Middle East.
  14. SemiAudiophile
    Spy Game - 9/10
    An old favorite. [​IMG]
  15. Anaxilus

    Nice!  I would love to see that biopic.  Check out 'The Assignment' w/ Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland and Ben Kingsley.  So many people have no knowledge foreign and intl affairs its sad.  Since we are on the IR/National Security slant I'll toss a few out:
    Body of Lies
    The Assignment
    Hunt for Red October
    Patriot Games
    Clear and Present Danger
    JSA (Korean)
    L'Affaire Farewell
    Charlie Wilson's War
    Spy Game
    The Good Sheperd
    The Lives of Others
    Don't see this crap:
    Green Zone
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