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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Anaxilus
    I'm hoping Rango doesn't suck myself.
  2. joomongj
    Ip Man 2008 - story - 7.0/10, storytelling - 6.1/10, Kung Fu scenes - 9.3/10. The story itself is nothing we haven't before, in fact it is a rather cliche ride and the storytelling is rather cheesy and very predictable. But the Wing Chun Kung Fu moves are just holy smokes...I've seen a number of Kung Fu movies but this has got to have one of the better ones out there. Crazy arm movements is really what made me rewind and watch 4 times in slow motion. I'd rate this movie higher than Fist of Legend hands down. FoL's Kung Fu scenes are alright compared to this. A volley of fast punches by Donnie Yen resemble machinegun's rof but I wonder if they really pack enough force to do damage? Look more like fast flicking backed by sound mixing in the editing room. Regardless, thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Ip Man 2010 - what a disaster...3/10. Pretty blatant that they made it due to the hype the 1st one garnered. For starters Donnie's training before facing the final foe was a joke. Hit the wooden dummy a couple of times and then goes I'm ready. Maybe the entire training was 10 min tops? What a joke.
  3. SemiAudiophile

    That's actually just the style of Wing Chun, the objective is to distraught your opponent with a flurry of fast punches, usually targeting their weak points for maximum damage while moving forward, to prevent your opponent from striking back. I doubt those punches do any real damage unless they're a trained master and even then, the punches are usually used to transition to other strikes, grappling, and takedown techniques. 
  4. grokit
    I'm Still Here, the mockumentary(?) featuring the self-destruction of Joaquin Phoenix, which happens on pretty much a Heath Ledger scale without the untimely death. At least I hope it's a mocumentary for his sake, it's hard to tell as the recent Oscar winner hasn't worked since and evidently still can't get a job; 6/10.
  5. Proglover


    Yep, agreed. Especially the 'story line' the Tron character gets, pff
    Again, it looks extremely cool, also liked the music with the movie. It's just not enough anymore.
  6. Audio-Omega
    X-Men : The Last Stand - 6/10
  7. J W


    I would go so far as to say it's brilliant. It's quite unformulaic and so its closest relative, in my most limited experience, is viewing Saved by the Bell abetted by certain nefarious influences.
    Autumn Sonata -- do si do. 7.5/10. Ingrid Bergman was sexy regardless of age!
    More to come!
    Edit far into the future. I have come back for posterity's sake in order to fix my abysmal grammar. Readers of the past! Read with delight! The problmems hath been (read bean) fixed!  D'Oh!
  8. xXFallenAngelXx
    Beauty and the Buisness 8/10
    It was pretty funny but nothing new
  9. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "127 Hours" [7.0/10]: Dramatic story, I remember reading about it in Outside Magazine not long after it happened. The film itself was OK. I have seen episodes of "I Shouldn't Be Alive" on TV that I thought were better. James Franco's performance was way over rated and nowhere near the quality of the other best actor nominees. I'm glad that I waited to see it on pay-per-view rather than having gone to see it in the theater.
  10. Calexico
    Three Colors: Red - 9/10
    Wow.  I don't know what exactly this movie did for me, but it sure did it well.  I definitely want to rewatch the trilogy now.  My favorite of the three.  (Blue: 8, White: 7).  It really makes me want to explore more foreign film making too.
  11. Townyj
    The Mechanic - 4/10 ... Tron Legacy - 5.5/10 ... Jackass 3D - 6/10
  12. Anaxilus
    Finally saw an excellent use of 'RealD3D'.  Perfect for Cinematic Opera.
    Carmen 3D - 9/10 
    Adjustment bureau - 7.5/10
    Rango - 8/10.  The computer animation is unmatched so far IMO.  Glad it was more an adult animated feature.  Kids will miss out on quite a bit.  Nice cameo too.
  13. tamahome77
    The man from nowhere - 10/10 very entertaining movie.  Similar to Taken & Unknown but better.
    The Chaser - 9/10 very good korean thriller.
  14. virometal Contributor
    Oooh, a fine choice. I loved the Three Colors Trilogy even more than you did. There is a point where most stateside cinephiles open the foreign door. The majority take permanent residence. 
    I last too last watched a spoken French film. Instead, this was a completely rote rom com with Audrey Tautou whom is a bit of a French Julia Roberts. I like her but wasn't enamored with Priceless. 5/10
  15. tdockweiler
    King Kong (2005) - 7.5/10
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