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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. Confispect
    Jessica Alba is nice, but a 7 because it was slightly entertaining. I can't even bring myself to watch part 2. [​IMG]
  2. JamesMcProgger


    part two if a zero/10, not even topless jessica could save it. or maybe...
  3. Confispect
    ^ Makes sense.
    The Transporter 8/10
    Action filled, to the hilt. 
  4. virometal Contributor
    I have the good fortune to partake in Never Let Me Go. Damn, if this sucker wouldn't scale right up my top from 2010 list. It's science fiction, it's romance, it's heartbreaking and stately. Don't want to say too much more save to see it, if you're say over twenty five and watch over 100 movies a year. 9/10
    Also I filled in a with a horror classic that I'm somehow missed. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a bit of a downer until the third act. Well then the thing became nice and f*cked up. I was leaning forward with a demented smile the whole third act. What a template that was! 7/10
  5. Anaxilus


    I take it by classic you mean the original and not the remake?  The scene at the dinner table was one of my all time faves but was omitted from the remake.
  6. DJGeorgeT
    Dark Knight - 5/10
    Really, this movie is boring. I was expecting much better. I am glad I watched on dvd.
    28 weeks later - 5/10
    Another boring movie!
    District 9 - 8/10
  7. FallenAngel Contributor
    You thought Dark Knight was "boring" and District 9 wasn't?!  I could barely finish District 9, it was so slow, the characters were not likable at all, just thought it was a very stupid movie.  3/10 at the most.
  8. Proglover
    ^ I loved both movies, didn't get bored with either one of them
    @virometal; going to check out Never let me go, had it already lying around here. Then again, there are so many lying here, waiting to be watched...
  9. Rimo
    127h - Maybe the worst film I ever seen. 0/10
  10. Confispect

    Same, of course different likes and dislikes but putting the Alien weird movie over the classic Batman deep voice, psychopath but incredibly well planed out and intelligent Joker. Hmmmm.
    I was the only one in the house that liked District 9 everybody kept asking me why i'm watching it. Til this day I don't know.
    Going to see the Johnny Depp "Rango" hit today hopefully it's good.
  11. DJGeorgeT
    I think that Dark Knight was overplanned and the effects were overdone... Some of the sequences did not have the proper background music either. I also did not like Batman's voice. The joker looked like a homeless bum. Aight aight, it was a good movie........ 
  12. Anaxilus


    Bluray, THX 7.1.  Stunning.  [​IMG]  You missed out on the IMAX footage btw.  
  13. Confispect
     Bluray [​IMG]
    @Dj, I see interesting outlook for the record Batman's voice sucks [​IMG]
  14. tdockweiler
    the adjustment bureau - 5/10
    I had high hopes for this movie, but sadly I hated nearly every moment of it. It started going downhill when Matt Damon first meets Emily Blunt (did she get a Razzy for this movie? She should have). Their scenes together were just so awkward. They had ZERO chemistry. The dialogue in the movie is just so bad. It's as if a 10 year had written the script and was trying to sound intelligent. Usually when people speak I'm sitting here rolling my eyes and thinking "Did they really just say that?" or "How can anyone take this movie seriously?". I love a good slow drama, but this was labeled as a thriller and the only thrilling moment in the movie was some chase scenes involving doors and lots of running. They try to get you all excited about something that is going to happen and then it's just Matt Damon opening "secret" doors with his magical hat. Just phony suspense. They actually plan it all out beforehand.
    Took my mom to see this movie and I was about ready to ask her if she wanted to leave. It turns out that she was going to ask me the same thing! Should have seen "Rango" instead.
    Despite the poor reviews, I still might see Battle: Los Angeles tomorrow.
    BTW about "District 9". That's one of the best sci-fi movies to come out in many, many years to me. I think you either love it or hate it. I think it's a near perfect film. I haven't seen a movie more than once in the theater since I was 9. I saw "District 9" in the theaters THREE times! My brother did as well. I have it on Blu-ray but I held off on watching it. I want to experience it again just like the first time I saw it. Can't wait to see what the director does next.
  15. Confispect
    Unleashed 9/10
    Jet li is again amazing. 
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